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    [ Simpsons personality test ]

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    Simpsons catch phrases used in our 'culture'.

    Using "mmmmmm" before anything desirable, we do that here a lot. Or, if someone breaks something, shake your head and say, "That (insert object's name) had one day left before retirement."
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    Favorite episode name

    There are a lot of very clever word plays and parodies in episode titles. Let me think about the ones I like ... A Milhouse Divided The Cartridge Family Realty Bites The Joy of Sect Missionary: Impossible Children of a Lesser Clod A Star is Born-Again
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    Greatest Rock Cameos

    Well, I am a bit biased, but I'm quite partial to U2's appearance on Trash of the Titans :D
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    random character quotes

    Dr Nick Riviera: You are suffering from skin failure, where the skeleton tries to leap out of the body through the mouth!
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    Homer has done some funny things.

    "I think we should see other people, I'm married to the sea ... and if that fails, six simple words: I'm not gay, but I'll learn."
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    The Simpsons and Communism

    "I'll take that communist card too!"
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    Best Simpsons Song

    "Oh the garbageman can, and he does it with a smile ..."
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    The First Episode You Ever Watched

    I'm pretty sure it was "Call of the Simpsons". I had to watch it at my friend's house because my parents didn't want me to watch it! They like it now though ...
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    Episodes You Can't Stand

    I don't like any eps before about season 3 ... and clip shows are painful as well! But of the rest, I am so sick of ummm, I can't remember what it's called, the one where Homer has his bowling team? It's on all the time ... I don't actually dislike any eps, I just get tired of seeing the same...
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    Eps you like which most people here don't

    Homer goes to College Two Bad Neighbours Trash of the Titans King of the Hill The Wizard of Evergreen Terrace Homer Simpson in "Kidney Trouble" Thirty Minutes over Tokyo Saddlesore Galactica New Kids on the Blecchh Large Marge Strong Arms of the Ma
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    Aussies: Rate and Review - Strong Arms of the Ma

    I give it 7/10. Not my favourite ep, but it wasn't awful. It was just ... there. I have to agree with everyone else about the Tetris thing - that was one of the funniest things I've ever seen. I also like Bart dressed as Apu ... what a laugh :D It just went a little too quickly, and I don't know...
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    Aussies: Channel Ten Decide To Be Jerks And Delay "Barting Over"

    I hate Channel Ten :( They ruin the Simpsons by showing the same eps over and over again and not showing some really good ones! Grrrrr ...
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    Simpsons Research Study (Fun)

    1. Why do you like the Simpsons?: It's funny because it's true. And it's the only show I can watch repeats of, because there's so many jokes I don't get them all the first time. The show makes fun of everything that should be made fun of - Americans generally take stuff so seriously, but the...
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    HOM(backwards R)

    Is this the ep with the line ... "I'm going to the library tomorrow. Notice I no longer say liberry, or tomorrey." If it is, well then that's hilarious!
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    Aussies: Rate and Review - The Dad Who Knew Too Little

    I liked it ... but because channel 10 :mad squeezed the next ep (which I'm sure I saw not long ago?) onto the end of it, I felt like something was missing. In fact I can't even remember how it ended. :( Anyway, of what I do remember, I give it ... 8/10. It was a great idea, very original, I...
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    What is your favourite...

    Episode? The ones that channel 10 never play ... THOH episode? Ohhh, I can't remember which number it was ... the one that had "Hell Toupee". Three story episode? (Not including THOH) Trilogy of Error Christmas episode? Skinner's Sense of Snow Season? 7, I think Animation in a season...
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    Simpsons Jokes that We Don't Get

    Something I don't get ... in "Bart the Lover", Homer says "Bart's teacher is named Krabapple? But I've been calling her Crandall!" Is there something I should know about with Crandall? What's the story with that?
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    Worst Episode Ever

    There are a couple of categories of eps that I just don't like as a whole. Anything from the first two seasons, THOH, clip shows, "imaginary" eps (Simpsons Tall Tales, Bible Stories, etc), Sideshow Bob eps, Krusty eps, and the spinoff ep. So, discounting any of the above, my votes for worst eps...