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  1. John Smith 1882

    Making bad episodes better with A.I.

    I decided to see if ChatGPT could make The Musk Who Fell To Earth into a somewhat coherent story that gives him a reason to be in Springfield and not appear out of nowhere just ‘cuz. Here’s what it came up with: Title: "Watts the Problem, Springfield?" [Scene 1: Simpsons' Living Room] Homer...
  2. John Smith 1882

    Jokes that seem to have a deeper layer of meaning, but don't?

    I actually have a copy of a table draft of The Boy Who Knew Too Much, and it was originally titled Hotel Homer. Eventually I’d like to post it online for others to read. Originally, Bart was supposed to muse to himself “I’ll never be a comedy writer” to himself, but that line obviously got cut...
  3. John Smith 1882

    Jokes that seem to have a deeper layer of meaning, but don't?

    It was originally supposed to be “I’m the first non-fictional character to travel through time” but they changed it, because they thought that was to obvious or cliché of a joke, from what I recall in the commentary. There were some theories on about what Brazilian person or...
  4. John Smith 1882

    Worst Jokes of the Classic Era

    Homer stabbing himself in the eye with a hotdog in The Twisted World Of Marge Simpson. It felt like an HD era joke.
  5. John Smith 1882

    Fart jokes in the classic era.

    I was thinking about how fart jokes are associated with the worst of modern Simpsons, like in The Diving Bell And The Butterball. But what about the classic era? There’s Homer at the chili cookout saying “less artsy more fartsy”, saying “pull my finger” to Hugh in Lisa’s Wedding, Bart saying...
  6. John Smith 1882

    Most underhated episode?

    Days of Future Future. Why people keep obsessing over bland but inoffensive episodes like Lisa Goes Gaga but forget over the top nonsense like this beats me. Homer dies and gets cloned hundreds of times. In the present day in a non-THOH episode, no less. Lisa became a necrophiliac. Bart had sex...
  7. John Smith 1882

    Homer is no longer going to strangle Bart?

    After that abomination known as Love Is A Many Strangled Thing, I think it’s for the best.
  8. John Smith 1882

    The Top 120 Worst Simpsons Episodes

    Homer The Vigilante is the 10th worst episode ever? Worse than Kidney Trouble? Worse than The Musk Who Fell to Earth? Worse than Days of Future Future? Um, OK.
  9. John Smith 1882

    Rate and Review: "White Christmas Blues" (SABF01)

    Now that it’s November I guess it’s time to start reviewing the Christmas episodes. Honestly, this might be the most boring of the Xmas episodes, if not the worst outright. The only jokes I even remember are the awful list jokes like the one with the Frosty video game that went on way too long...
  10. John Smith 1882

    Season 35 shouldn't be the first season without Bart episodes

    Itchy And Scratchy: The Movie, which was about Bart finally getting a punishment, which was not getting to see the titular film. Whacking Day was about Bart being expelled, and having to find another school. Brother From The Same Planet was mostly a Bart centered episode, although I guess you...
  11. John Smith 1882

    When and how did “The Principal and the Pauper” become the de facto “breaking point”?

    I actually prefer Lisa The Simpson to the New York episode, even though the concept of the “Simpsons gene” was polarizing. But yeah, end of the run for the classic era basically. At least season 9 of the Scully era is pretty decent. Season 10 is basically a different show.
  12. John Smith 1882

    The Simpsons episodes worse than "Lisa Goes Gaga"?

    The Scorpion’s Tale comes to mind, I’m surprised nobody mentioned it yet. It’s got to be one of the most underhated episodes of all time. It’s about old people having their eyeballs pop out. And they even have montage of eyes popping out. And they repeat the gag in the credits. And there’s also...
  13. John Smith 1882

    Worst classic era episodes?

    Where did they post them? I love reading early drafts.
  14. John Smith 1882

    Rate & Review: "Homer's Crossing" (OABF18)

    Another Homer Gets a Job episode. Oh, goody.
  15. John Smith 1882

    Engine Block Eggs

    Whenever you notice something like that, a wizard did it.
  16. John Smith 1882

    If The Simpsons episodes (seasons 1-20) had an HD remake but with the original audios?

    If they’re going to remaster the animation to make old episodes look like the HD era, they should also “remaster” the audio to make them sound like the HD era. They need to have the cast re-record their lines. If I’m watching an episode with HD animation I expect Marge to sound like Julie Kavner...
  17. John Smith 1882

    what characters do you think should or shouldn't be removed?

    Apu should be removed, or at least retroactively dub over every line he’s ever had in past episodes.
  18. John Smith 1882

    Hot Take

    How is this a hot take? Lots of people hate on Lisa, especially after that episode you mentioned.
  19. John Smith 1882

    Top 10 Greatest Cartoon Shows of All Time

    Family Guy one of the greatest cartoons? 🤣🤣🤣
  20. John Smith 1882

    Is Mike Scully criticized too much?

    Kind of. Yeah in hindsight he could have done a much better job, but there were other factors at play. There was a massive exodus of writers when he took over, largely due to Futurama. This exodus didn’t stop, more and more writers gradually left during Scully’s tenure. Plus, Matt Groening was...