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    Rate/Review: Mr. Spritz Goes to Washington (EABF09)

    I guess I should change my opinion to: "I loved it because 'jesus plays his hits' told me to love it." ;-/ I didn't attack anyone who enjoyed the episode. If you liked it, then yay for you. I don't tabulate scores weighing in pros and cons. I just rate the eps based on how eager I am watch...
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    Rate/Review: Mr. Spritz Goes to Washington (EABF09)

    1/5 - I agree nothing pissed me off, but I can only remember lol-ing once ...and that was during the commercial for that movie where Mike Myers does that "emPHAsis on the wrong syLLAble" joke.
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    Rate & Review: "The Dad Who Knew Too Little" (EABF03)

    Loved last week's ep. Boo-urns this week. 1/5
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    Rate & Review: "Special Edna" (EABF02)

    4/5 Pleasantly surprising. First episode in a long time with replay value. > Colin Ka-Pow! He's dropping sanction! (By which I mean anvils) > First Church of Springfield: Welcome pissed-off Catholics > Because I like you, I'll do it pro boner. > Purple Rain!!!! ... Michael Jackson just told me...
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    Simpsons Jokes that We Don't Get

    cesspool: 1. A covered hole or pit for receiving drainage or sewage, as from a house. 2. A filthy, disgusting, or morally corrupt place. ___ A scene I didn't understand from "I Love Lisa"... Lisa: Ralph, I'm sorry I - Ralph: Leave me alone. I'm here to play George Washington. Lisa: Uh...
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    Rate & Review: "The Great Louse Detective" (EABF01)

    I was wondering that myself. Perhaps Harry just lobbied hard so he could work his impression of Brokaw into the show more(?). Ironic that Brokaw was the 'big name' guest on Conan the night Harry and Dan made an appearance. Too bad no mention was made of the bulimia crack on him that aired the...
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    Simpsons Jokes that We Don't Get

    My guess: It's something from either Tekwar or Star Trek. Some guy on referenced Glexnor when he zinged William Shatner.
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    Simpsons Jokes that We Don't Get

    Are you sure? I coulda swore it was said in this scene:
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    Simpsons Jokes that We Don't Get

    I thought it was just a silly take on the "Don't judge me because I'm different" scenario. Basically: I was once like you - not trapped by the water spouts. (???)
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    Anybody else love the "Steak?" line?

    Hehe... anytime anyone asks me what I'd like for dinner, I think of that scene! I also love the commercial in "Homer Goes to College": Finally! The great taste of Worcestershire Sauce in a soft drink. Ah... "Steaky!"
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    Jewish References on The Simpsons

    ah, I read ya! :D Perhaps because of the religion thing, this just made me think of one of OFF's conversations after church... Bart: Mom, I'm starving ...Can we go Catholic so we can get communion wafers and booze? Marge: No! No one's "going Catholic" - 3 kids is enough, thank you! I think...
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    Jewish References on The Simpsons

    Looks like you named them all, but I don't get it - are you Jewish and liked to be zinged, or do you think Judaism is a rich source of humor?
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    Simpsons Jokes that We Don't Get

    If he wasn't in a hurry because he was double parked, he would have put up a fight.
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    Simpsons Jokes that We Don't Get

    Say, can you introduce me to the Sasquatch? I like his style. Sasquatch = "Big Foot"
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    Pointing out subtle jokes

    Interesting point. I agree it feels like everyone is quick to criticize the newer eps. But Helter Shelter really disappointed me, and I too miss the subtle humor, so I actually find myself joining the mob. In regards to the Stoner's Pot Palace joke... Perhaps because of my own experiences as a...
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    Rate & Review: "Helter Shelter" (DABF21)

    1/5 Very few laughs. Forgettable.
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    Rate & Review: "Large Marge" (DABF18)

    3/5 Fortunately I always carry my carousel reversal spray
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    What Would You Do If I Said I Hate The Simpsons? (I don't really, They're the best!)

    Wouldn't be much of a stretch since there's always someone on here yappin' about how they hate certain characters, certain seasons, certain writers, etc.
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    Who is this character?

    yeah, he's a one hit wonder who won't go away. they shouldn't have used him beyond the "I had a stroke" line. but Tango de la Muerte - don't let the general consensus bring you down. if it's funny to you, that's all that matters. hell, I think Handsome Pete was one of the greatest, most...
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    Random bits that crack us up

    yeah, my favorite illogical-explosion was in "Terror at 5 and a Half Feet" with Hans Moleman in his Gremlin that stopped just before hitting the tree Oh no, I just made my last payment