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    Oh, I've Wasted My Life.

    i didnt read all this but just loved the qupte of i turned out tv cause it is soooooooooooooo true lol
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    Favortie Simpsons quote

    yeah that is a good one. i always like. marge:what do you want for dinner homer homer: steak marge:money is to tight for steak homer steak
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    Best Character In The History Of The Simpsons!!!! Final Vote

    yeah ralph is funny. note from ralph to lisa : look in the tunk lisa: i think he means the trunk. i found that funny
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    Homer Badman

    oh god that is some funny stuff i have always wanted to do wat you did now i dont have ot
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    The blood and the gore.

    yeah the gore is good who really care i find it funny. like i think it is simpsons when some one gets a paper cut and the bleed for ages and it is shooting everywhere
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    When did everyone who watches The Simpsons become uptight asswads?

    its human natuer to be critics oh no i hate them the way i see it the simpsons always has and always will eb funny
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    Favorite food related quote or joke

    Marge: homer what do you want for dinner home: Steak marge: money is to tight for steak homer: steak marge: yes homer we are having steak
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    have the simpsons lost their edge

    i dont think they have. no more to say
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    Has Homer changed in recent years?

    homer always has been funny and always will be funny. sure the way he is funny has changed over time but still he is funny :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
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    Shouldn't have died?

    i said grimes cause if he was still round it would be yet another running gag to go on kinda. but marvin was also a good person guy
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    Worst Season

    yeah 11 wasnt their greatest moments to say the least
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    Best Episode Ever!

    22 short films bout springfield homers enemy and homer simpson vs new york
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    steriotyping in the simpsons

    yeah. i like all the sterotypes in the simpsons. like in bart vs aussie how the austrsalians are all steryotyped in everyway. i like that more cause i am aussie
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    Most Overrated Episode

    oh i hated the lisa gets married episode except for homer in it and the freak animals.
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    duh, trivia, I guess..

    so are more questions comming or not?
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    duh, trivia, I guess..

    are more questions comming or is this it?