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  1. MindQuad

    Underrated Disney Movies

    My first post in a while but I decided to log on and this called to me... I've actually been watching the whole animated canon as a personal project, been through about 20 so far, not in order however. I'd have to agree though that after kinda being afraid of revisiting Hunchback due to some...
  2. MindQuad

    R & R: Family Guy - Stewie Griffin: The Untold Story

    I liked it at the time more than I do now, largely because it was some of the first Family Guy I had seen since repeatedly watching and wearing out the first two volumes. Well, that's not entirely true, as now that I think about it, I recall there were some new episodes aired by the time I saw...
  3. MindQuad

    American Dad! general discussion

    I'd have to wholeheartedly disagree with this statement. AD has had tons of once or twice off supporting characters that were incredibly memorable and were in fact disappointingly used all too briefly, and then - if not killed in the great Langley Bus Crash of 2010 - forgotten about. I always...
  4. MindQuad

    R&R Family Guy "Stewie, Chris & Brian's Excellent Adventure"

    Exactly why FG crashed and burned so hard when it came back, because Chris WAS a character at one point. Now he's either nonexistent, or as you put it, Peter Jr. It's hard to even consider him a son character because he almost never has character based stories/conflicts with his fact...
  5. MindQuad

    R&R Family Guy: "The 2000-Year-Old Virgin"

    Granted, I've never seen it, but I haven't seen any FG this season and I feel pretty content with that. By the way Snospitmmer SimpEhtson, I just replied to your blog on AD rankings.
  6. MindQuad

    R&R Family Guy: "The 2000-Year-Old Virgin"

    There's a great review of Raptures Delight on the web that really delves into the variety of reasons why the episode is genius, one of which is cause it manages to be genuinely clever about it's Christianity jokes instead of cruelly mocking the religion in a cheap, relentless manner. It more...
  7. MindQuad

    R&R American Dad! Blonde Ambition

    No fool, there is only one MindQuad, and his name is...well, um Mind Quad. Logical, no? Anyway I haven't been posting much recently because I've had a lot of computer issues and some other stuff going on that eats up a bit of my time...I've been meaning to come by and give thoughts on the AD...
  8. MindQuad

    Rate and Review: "The Simpsons Guy"

    Haven't even watched this yet but the reaction at the AV Club was it was more or less an abomination of modern television. Surprised to see the positive reaction here…guess I'll give it a go sooner rather than later.
  9. MindQuad

    Rate and Review American Dad: "A Boy Named Michael"

    Great fucking episode. Up there with the other Greg and Terry episodes in the series like "Daddy Queerest" and "Lincoln Lover" if you ask me. Just all around hilarious (how Roger remains so goddamn funny 10 seasons in is beyond me), well-plotted, clever/original story using one of Rogers most...
  10. MindQuad

    Rate and Review American Dad: "Roger Passes the Bar"

    Yeah the story wasn't anything special here and didn't go anywhere interesting, which is a shame, but man the jokes were hitting strong and hard. Rogers dialogue was very sharp, I thought, even if he came off a little dick-ish at times. I can think of about a dozen lines and or little bits that...
  11. MindQuad

    American Dad! general discussion

    Smiling Politely The first half of season 1 is the only weak period of the show imo, and even then it's got some good episode. "Francines Flashback" is probably the first pretty good episode of the show (even if not at the same level as later eps) where they utilize the CIA to have a cool...
  12. MindQuad

    Family Guy general discussion/upcoming episode thread

    "Guy, Robot"…very impressive, another "Guy" title to add to the list, although in a new unexpected way!. Also, "Peter, Chris, And Brian"…really creative title there. Maybe it's a sequel to "Brian and Stewie" or something….that would be unexpected.
  13. MindQuad

    American Dad! general discussion

    Whoa so three Roger episodes to close out the FOX run? As much as that's awesome, I wish they had spread some out to last season instead of giving us like two then, then giving us perhaps Roger overkill at the very end. I wonder if they did it on purpose?
  14. MindQuad

    Dumb and Dumber To (2014)

    I just watched the original again, and yeah, I'm pretty sure this is my favorite comedy movie ever. Everything about it just comes together to make a perfect movie…the plot, the lead actors, the endless stream of hilarious gags and one-liners. But the best part about it is that - and I mentioned...
  15. MindQuad

    Orange is the New Black

    Interesting list. Although, Mendez would be in my top 5 for sure, and while I liked Rosa, I'm not sure she deserves to be so high. Considering all of the complaints about Piper from people on the web, I'm surprised she's ranked so high. Not so sure about number one for Red, but she is a great...
  16. MindQuad

    STAR WARS (untagged spoilers, yo)

    I really have no desire to see Harrison reprise Han Solo. Yeah it's an iconic character and it's almost surreal to think we'll be seeing him in a new adventure (even if it's in a small capacity, which I assume it would be), but it never feels the same with these types of things after so many...
  17. MindQuad

    Orange is the New Black

    Hmm…I just remember hearing his name a lot before I watched the show, and when I finally did I could see why, cause he was very memorable…just a perfect love-to-hate kind of character (and sometimes those are just good as ones you genuinely like). But I don't really think Bennet is that bad...
  18. MindQuad

    Last Movie You Watched Thread

    Hmm for some reason I thought Seinfeld had a variety of directors…but I guess not, as I just checked Wikipedia and you're right to a degree about Cherones. He directed every single episode except five in the first 5 seasons, but Andy Ackerman took over and became the main director from seasons...
  19. MindQuad

    It's this old argument again...

    Sad to say but for some people that does matter, just like some people won't watch foreign films. I've never had that hang up…my dad was a huge movie buff, and since he was born in Poland and spoke both Polish and French fluently he watched tons of foreign movies, and I watched quite a few of...
  20. MindQuad

    Bad endings to good/great episodes

    Oh yeah real clever. Let's just decide out-of-the-blue that Fat Tony miraculously has an identical twin brother - despite the fact the characters been around since season 3 and nothing like has ever even been remotely hinted at - so that way we can keep the status quo! Well at least he's...