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  1. Charlie

    It took 23 years, but "A single plum, floating in perfume, served in a man's hat" is a reality

    It took 23 years, but "A single plum, floating in perfume, served in a man's hat" is a reality Yoko Ono recently asked 12 Icelandic artists to create pieces for a new art installation in Reykjavik, and one of the artists submitted the piece based on the joke in Homer's Barbershop Quartet. I do...
  2. Charlie

    Alex Johns, original-run producer, passes away at 43 RIP
  3. Charlie

    "The Simpsons vs Family Guy" [news article - stay on topic, please]

    Please don't turn this into an actual "what I think is better" topic. This is a pretty cool piece just posted on ninemsn, where they compare the 'digs' at each other in their respective shows. In the end they come to the conclusion that The Simpsons' digs at Family Guy were better...
  4. Charlie

    Futurama Rate & Review Archive

    The following are links to the rate and review threads for each Futurama episode. Please note: If an episode here is not linked it means that either a) I was unable to find a R&R topic while searching (using both the board search function as well as Google) or b) the topic was in the archives*...
  5. Charlie

    Showrunners' families writing episodes

    I've been re-watching Season 10 with commentary lately, and listening to Julie Thacker and Mike Scully got me thinking - what do people think of the trend that started in Season 7 of the showrunners' families contributing scripts to the show? From memory, these are the episodes: RACHEL PULIDO...
  6. Charlie

    whats the deal with wall-e

    some random bitch is in my living room watching this and so i thought i'd give it another shot, but what the fuck is this? I mean, dont get me wrong, its a brilliant movie, but how can it be so logically flawed? Intelligent robots? I know its supposed to be the future, but this is the kind of...
  7. Charlie

    Birthday cards in The Simpsons

    Hey guys, first post in a long, long time. I'm trying to make a birthday card for my best friend, who's a massive Simpsons fan. Last year I made them the "how about a nice pair of bongos?" one from Homer Defined, so that's out of the question this year...I'm kinda stuck, any other birthday...
  8. Charlie

    Russi "Martin Prince" Taylor's husband dies at 62 The Simpsons link is that he was the husband of Russi Taylor, who not only also worked for Disney as the voice of Minnie Mouse, but also voices Martin Prince, Sherri, Terri and Uter on the show. Condolences, Russi.
  9. Charlie

    Interesting "Simpsons" analogy in tech article

    As a huge Apple nerd, I came across this article. Tech stuff aside, there is a very interesting Simpsons reference that caught my eye: Steve Jobs' Killer Instinct
  10. Charlie

    Rank the KABFs

    Title says it all. Rank the KABF episodes from best to worst, and throw in a grade if you want. The episodes: KABF01 Funeral for a Fiend KABF02 Eternal Moonshine of the Simpson Mind KABF03 E. Pluribus Wiggum KABF04 That 90's Show KABF05 Love, Springfieldian Style KABF06 The Debarted KABF07 Dial...
  11. Charlie

    R&R Family Guy: The Juice Is Loose

    What'd everyone think of this week's new Family Guy? Honestly lately I'd been really getting into Family Guy; the season started off craptacular, as usual, but I thought it had been picking up a lot with the last few episodes. This one just blew. It was a total mess. Everything...
  12. Charlie

    R&R American Dad: "Jack's Back"

    I was surprised that there wasn't an R&R for this already. I have to say that this is one of my favourite AD episodes. At first I didn't really like all the callbacks to Stan's father and that entire bit was definitely the most boring part of the episode, but it had lots of humour that has...
  13. Charlie

    The Complete Twelfth Season DVD Collector's Edition: The Official Thread

    The Release Dates US: August 18, 2009 Everywhere else: ???? The Episodes Treehouse of Horror XI (BABF21) Written by Rob Lazebnik, John Frink, Don Payne and Carolyn Omine | Directed by Matthew Nastuk "G-G-Ghost D-D-Dad" - Homer chokes to death on a piece of broccoli and his spirit must perform...
  14. Charlie

    So it's now been a year...

    ...has your opinion on The Simpsons Movie changed in the 366 days since its release? Personally I don't think it is as good as I initially thought; definite 'A+' after I first saw it, it has since been reduced to A-. Way better than the 'current' show, but still doesn't really match any from...
  15. Charlie

    When Bongos Collide v7 Latest redesign of my site, and the last redesign for a while (I'll have hardly any computer access, so I mean it this time ;)). Hope everyone likes it :) Spot any errors, please take a screenshot and post it here.
  16. Charlie

    Please read...

    Simpsons Comics writer Jesse L. McCann is undergoing two heart procedures in the near future, one next Tuesday and another before Christmas. Therefore, any prayers and/or well wishes for Jesse would greatly be appreciated :)
  17. Charlie

    Favorite 'celebrity packed' episode

    Hopefully you know the episodes I mean; ones that are just packed with useless guest stars. These are the 'rules' I followed to get this list of episodes: 1) Three or more guests that play an "important"* role in the episode 2) In some cases, bands are not included since they do not play this...
  18. Charlie

    Season 18...a follow up thread.

    ...a follow up to "Why do people hate Season 17?" Overall this season leaves me feeling a lot better than Season 17, although there are still a lot of flaws that didn't seem to get sorted out between the HABF and the JABF run. The Mook, the Chef, the Wife and Her Homer C+ Jazzy and the...
  19. Charlie

    Comic Strip

    Here's an excerpt of a comic strip I'm currently working on. It has a full script, and once I complete the rest of it I will color and letter it. There's a few background characters I'm gonna clean up, too.
  20. Charlie

    My THOH episode

    I'm going to post one act at a time for this. I'm trying to make it a more classic-era type script, with wraparounds and an opening/closing piece. FADE IN FROM BLACK, SHOWING AN EMPTY ROAD LINED WITH TREES. SUDDENLY, THE SIMPSONS' CAR SHOOTS OVER THE HILL AND DRIVES OVER THE 'CAMERA'. FAMILY...