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  1. Malachy

    Rate & Review: "Heartbreak Hotel" (XABF15)

    It was pretty good. Not the best, but not the worst. Just pretty good.
  2. Malachy

    Any active fan sites I've overlooked?

    That's very cool. I love it. Maybe it's a result of seeing the traditional-type fansites for so long, but sites like this one are what really turn me on now.
  3. Malachy

    Any active fan sites I've overlooked?

    Hi all, I used to own and operate a small Simpsons fan site called Simpsons Zip, circa 2004-2011. I now own and operate a site called BingeClock, which tells you how long it takes to watch all the episodes of a TV show. We've been featured on Yahoo TV,, AV Club, BGR, and the front...
  4. Malachy

    Bart the Dad. (revamped color version)

    This is something really special. Love it.
  5. Malachy

    Simpsons Website Updates

    Doing my tri-annual check-in. Just want to say that SNPP makes me happy. It's like the ebscohost of Simpsons sites.
  6. Malachy

    Simpsons Website Updates

    Simpsons Folder is no longer online. I think this thread can be closed.
  7. Malachy

    Lolcats Memorial Thread

    What did lolcats ever do that was so great anyway?
  8. Malachy

    The Lounge: Now As Active As The UK Lounge

    RIght. This whole page could be moved to the Simpsons area.
  9. Malachy

    Small happiness of the day (SHD) / Small misfortune of the day (SMD)

    Reading the beginning of this thread was a SHD.
  10. Malachy

    Marge the Cheater

    Who would Marge cheat with if she were going to cheat on Homer? I could see her cheating with Moe out of pity.
  11. Malachy

    Boxer Joe Frazier dies...

    He also guest starred on two episodes of The Simpsons.
  12. Malachy

    Celebrities you would like to see on "The Simpsons"

    Salman Rushdie. He did well enough on Maher...
  13. Malachy

    what season will be your final purchase

    I'll buy them all. But I'll buy all 20 seasons of Law and Order too...
  14. Malachy

    Last Simpsons Episode You Watched

    Replaceable You - 3/5
  15. Malachy

    Rate and Review: "Replaceable You" (NABF21)

    It wasn't bad. Pretty much what I expect from this season so far... 3/5
  16. Malachy

    Simpsons Zip re-launched a much easier to remember domain. I sort of got excited to have it back up and blew my load a little soon (101). I will be updating a lot of the out-dated information over this coming weekend.
  17. Malachy

    Rate/Review "The Late Phillip J. Fry"

    five over five
  18. Malachy

    Futurama's "Jurassic Bark" Rate and Review

    Touching. A+ Hi, Paul.
  19. Malachy

    hey why do these new episodes suck so hard

    "Lethal Inspection" is fantastic.