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    is homer still voiced by dan castellaneta?

    wait a minute..... so dan is actually dead? and nobody fucking alerted the authorities. wtf? how do you guys live with yourselves?
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    is homer still voiced by dan castellaneta?

    so conventional wisdom tells us but i've got two words for you, my friend: grassy knoll.
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    is homer still voiced by dan castellaneta?

    i've noticed homer's voice hasn't really sounded the same since season one. i'm wondering if, much like sam simon, dan hasn't been involved with the show in many years but continues to get credited anyway possibly due to some conspiracy at the fox network. like maybe he was forced off and...
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    NHC wikia

    that wiki is more sacred to me than the us constitution.
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    NHC wikia

    did a bunch of kids just take turns shitting on a historical document? you should all feel deeply, deeply shamed.
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    Is John Swartzwelder the basis of...

    further evidence.....
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    Beavis & Butt-Head general discussion

    also when tom's not around, no one's saying, "where's tom?"
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    the king of kings usergroup (reigning kings of the nhc: kevin & ryan o)

    the people who post the least each day should get shit colored usernames to further encourage more activity.
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    In Need of Simpsons Tattoo Opinion

    flying hellfish tattoo or al jean with a heart around it maybe one that says, "go yellow or go home" oh! oh! i know! tattoo the words fallout boy on your chest!!!! wait, no, that's no good. people might think you're referring the simpsons character. scrap that idea. homer taking a dump on a...
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    Favorite post season 10 episode?

    trilogy of error will take this hands down.
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    Do you tape the simpsons?

    what is this, the 90's? to be clear, i'm not mocking the vcr reference. i just didn't think people still watched new episodes of the simpsons.
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    Beavis & Butt-Head general discussion

    cool. maybe ten years from now, they'll bring the simpsons back.
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    What characters have disappeared over the years?

    Herb. Homer's brother forgives him......then never speaks to him again.
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    does anyone else find this really annoying about family guy?

    family guy is on comedy central now?
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    this kid.

    that kid actually had lines in a few episodes and was voiced by phil hartman. groening has said they were planning on doing an episode around him season 11 but phil's untimely death derailed those plans. hopefully, they'll come to their senses and bring him back in a big way next season...
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    Why do People hate on The Simpsons so much?

    the simpsons is like a friend who's been slowly dying from cancer for twelve long years. you don't hate the guy. you just wish he'd get better or go quickly to end the suffering.
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    ullman lisa is better than series lisa

    we all get less good looking over time. give her a break.
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    Favourite Simpsons Episode

    that's some fox news style spin on what was actually said. maybe he's said something like that to you in another thread or something that's making you jump to that conclusion, but the post in question says nothing even close to that. it's not even about you or anyone who dislikes the show...
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    Favourite Simpsons Episode

    oh for god's sake, no one was even close to being insulted by that post.