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  1. simpsonscollector1998

    LEGO Simpsons

    Simpsons minifigures series 2 is ANOUNCED!!!!!!!! here the video! the reporter is legit he,s right . Always when news comes out about new sets or figures he,s almost Always right!
  2. simpsonscollector1998

    Scariest Halloween Segment?

    brokenfan . youre right there,s someting weird with that scene . and in other ways scary or bart is just drunk .
  3. simpsonscollector1998

    Scariest Halloween Segment?

    almost no thoh episode was in my eyes scary . when i was youger i watched the nightmare cafetaria and the shining many times and was,t even scared of it ones . it was the only dvd i watched very often thoh dvd . the raven had a good scary sphere in it . the knocking on the door and much more ...
  4. simpsonscollector1998


    nice drawings! i realy like the grown up maggie with the lisa one you drawed! gr.joey ;)
  5. simpsonscollector1998

    Simpsons cels on ebay

    hey everybody i got a question for all of you! . i got a picture from the Simpsons with all the cast autographs writen on it . whats it maximum worth . i think its a re-print . i readed somewhere it only are reprints made of this one . here a picture from the picture with the family with all...
  6. simpsonscollector1998

    R + R: The War of the Simpsons

    4/5 another good/classic episode
  7. simpsonscollector1998

    R+R Blood Feud

    9/10 a classic!
  8. simpsonscollector1998

    What if Kill the Alligator and Run was a Season 1 episode?

    if it was a season one episode it was a classic but its still a classic in the season it is now
  9. simpsonscollector1998

    Rate/Review Marge Gamer (JABF10)

    4/5 good episode liked the gaming in it
  10. simpsonscollector1998

    Rate/Review Ice Cream of Margie (With the Light Blue Hair)

    great episdoe had some realy good jokes in it such as ralph does his ice cream above his head and says im a unicorn :LOL:
  11. simpsonscollector1998

    R&R Simpsons Roasting On An Open Fire

    the first ever Simpsons epsisode on tv! 5/5!
  12. simpsonscollector1998

    Rate and Review: "The Scorpion's Tale" (NABF08)

    great and fun to watch episode had much of laughs with this one! 5/5!