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  1. DarkDiamond

    Worst episode in the first half of the series?

    Probably "Brawl in the Family". I despise everything from Season 13 onwards. Season 12 was the last season where there were episodes I didn't hate.
  2. DarkDiamond

    Rate and Review "The Kid Is All Right" (SABF02)

    The only memorable thing this episode has was a cameo of Mr. Bergstrom. That girl Lisa became friends with could win the prize for no character atributions at all. 1/5
  3. DarkDiamond

    Rate and Review: "Labor Pains" (RABF19)

    A pathetic atempt at “emotion”. The B-plot had no development or plot, and the A-plot had no ending at all. Atrocious. 0/5
  4. DarkDiamond

    R&R Yolo

    Aside from its terrible title, this one is just plain unmemorable with no plot whatsoever. I fell asleep in the third act. 1/5
  5. DarkDiamond

    R&R Four Regrettings and a Funeral

    No humor, plot, characterization, and just so boring. Mr. Burns was characterized terribly. How did Harry Shearer win an Emmy for this episode? 0.5/5
  6. DarkDiamond

    Rate And Review: Treehouse Of Horror XXIV (RABF16)

    First segment wasn’t completely terrible because it had jokes and some sort of plot but the other two sucked. 2/5
  7. DarkDiamond

    Rate and Review: "Homerland" (RABF20)

    Didn't like it. The parody sucks and Homer’s characterization is awful, but its still the best premier since “Homer the Whopper”. 1.5/5
  8. DarkDiamond

    R&R: "The Man Who Came To Be Dinner" (RABF15)

    This episode sucks. It just gets weirder and weirder, but it doesn't get any more entertaining. There were no jokes whatsoever, and Kang and Kodos should not be canon. This episode is one huge mess. 1/5
  9. DarkDiamond

    R&R: Treehouse of Horror VI

    Attack of the 50-Foot Eyesores: 3/5 Nightmare on Evergreen Terrace: 5/5 Homer³: 4/5 Overall: 4/5
  10. DarkDiamond

    south park general discussion/upcoming episode thread

    This is going to be interesting...
  11. DarkDiamond

    south park general discussion/upcoming episode thread Episode 1809 “#REHASH” Press Release 12.01.2014 Categorized Under: News When is a rehash original? On an all-new “South Park” premiering Wednesday, December 3rd at 10:00 P.M. ET/PT on Comedy Central NEW YORK...
  12. DarkDiamond

    Rate and Review South Park: "Cock Magic"

    AV Club gave it an A-!: But probably because the reviewer was different to the rest of this season's episodes.
  13. DarkDiamond

    NHC Top 100 Episodes - 25th Anniversary Edition! (Send me a private message for late votes!)

    50. Life on the Fast Lane 49. Lisa's Wedding 48. Homer and Apu 47. Lisa's Sax 46. Black Widower 45. Homer the Smithers 44. Stark Raving Dad 43. Bart of Darkness 42. Duffless 41. The Last Temptation of Homer 40. Rosebud 39. Two Cars in Every Garage and Three Eyes on Every Fish 38. Who Shot Mr...
  14. DarkDiamond

    The Simpsons Hurt and Heal Tournament II: Season 21

    Homer the Whopper [9] Treehouse of Horror XX [12] O Brother, Where Bart Thou? [16] Once Upon a Time in Springfield [3] Million Dollar Maybe [3]-2 Boy Meets Curl [10] Postcards From the Wedge [11]+1 The Squirt and the Whale [17] To Surveil With Love [14] Moe Letter Blues [14] The Bob Next Door [13]
  15. DarkDiamond

    Worst Season from Premiere-Finale

    Days of Future Future - A complete mess of an episode.