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  1. Santa Shoz

    Scenes that make you uncomfortable

    The Banksy Couch Gag. For a fictional cartoon, that one really ticked me off. I guess they meant it as a joke but jokes are suppose to make you laugh, even rude and unapologetic jokes can achieve this. I felt more like seething silent anger from that depressing couch-gag. That wasn't a joke...
  2. Santa Shoz

    How would you feel if The Simpsons ended on a sudden stop?

    A lot of positivity for the show. Is it good again or... are you guys just talking about the influential past? Just my opinion but I haven't been paying attention to The Simpsons for a long time. I used to have a crazed love for the show like some of you guys... and then it suddenly died out. I...
  3. Santa Shoz

    Rate & Review: I Won't Be Home for Christmas (TABF03)

    4/5 for actually having a plot and for actually having humor.
  4. Santa Shoz

    Steam Deals

    According to the latest report, there has been a substantial increase of wallet suicides after the latest Steam Deals. The police have yet to figure out where the cash has gone missing and why it has gone missing.
  5. Santa Shoz

    What if Springfield's state was revealed?

    I call it Reverse Psychology. Not the first time I did it and brought a bit of attention to a subject.
  6. Santa Shoz

    What if Springfield's state was revealed?

    I call it Reverse Psychology. I tend to have a habit of tricking people. Yep... I have a problem.
  7. Santa Shoz

    What if Springfield's state was revealed?

    Just to end the thread, it's the state that borders Ohio, Maine, Nevada, and Kentucky.
  8. Santa Shoz

    What if Springfield's state was revealed?

    Don't think anyone cares...
  9. Santa Shoz

    R&R - Bob's Burgers - "Dawn of the Peck"

    I don't know what it is but I like your poor choice of words and bad grammar... you almost remind me of that evil dog with the shifty eyes.
  10. Santa Shoz

    Bob Belcher's catchphrase is "Oh my god/Oh god" of Bob's Burgers.

    He literally says it in almost every episode. For an everyday word well known before the show even came out, it's executed really well in the show.
  11. Santa Shoz

    R&R - Bob's Burgers - "Dawn of the Peck"

    Not the most hilarious, but certainly a great and even memorable episode, still not as great as last Thanksgiving's episode. Loved how they parodied Dawn of the Dead and Aliens through the usage of maddening swarms of Turkeys, Chickens, and Geese. At this rate, I might want to actually give up...
  12. Santa Shoz

    Rate & Review "Covercraft"

    What's great about the Modern Simpsons is that they come up with terrible episodes that makes Family Guy look pretty funny. Anyway, just seen the newest Bob's Burger episode, so everyone forget about this forgettable Simpsons episode ever existed and head over to the Bob's Burger review thread...
  13. Santa Shoz

    Rate & Review "Covercraft"

    Question? Whatever happened to Jer? I know he's a minor character and all, but why is he replaced by a Moe-wannabe?
  14. Santa Shoz

    Rate & Review "Covercraft"

    Not bad. It felt like a good Simpson episode of Season 11-13, just without any humor. There is literally no humor in this episode. Not bad for a Modern Simpsons episode still. The first half reminded me a bit of the classics, Homer gathering a bunch of friends, who also happen to be fathers, for...
  15. Santa Shoz

    Did Fox pull a "Murder Police" with "Bordertown"?

    Looking at that pic again made me realize how ugly and unpolished it looks compared to Bob's Burgers. It looks like aTracy Ullman version of Bob's Burgers set in Arizona, not Texas.
  16. Santa Shoz

    Should I watch Bob's Burgers and if so, which episode should I watch first?

    Watch Season 1 first, then the rest. The series builds up over time as you watch it. I'd say either Season 3 or Season 4 is the best, but you definitely want to start with Season 1 first.
  17. Santa Shoz

    Is modern-day American pop culture ruining the show?

    John Swartzwelder aimed The Simpsons to be a parody and reference to "Classic America" pop culture. However, the show eventually started to drift away deeper into modern-day pop culture ever since Mike Scully and Al Jean changed the direction. Then there's the fact that many of the classic...
  18. Santa Shoz

    Rate and Review: "Blazed and Confused" (TABF01)

    This was a good episode that looked like something out of Bob's Burgers for some reason. I don't know. Did any of you guys felt this episode was kind of similar to Bob's Burger's creative expression. You got the Simpsons just being there normal selves for once and then later it transforms into a...