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  1. chris

    Interesting 1997 post I found - "6 Reasons Why 'The Simpsons' Is Going Downhill"

    hey-ho. i posted pretty heavily during that exact time period. you can find me in s10-12 snpp capsules. rode close to bros by the name of bill mcneal and kieran murphy. was involved with the creation of spinoff newsgroup alt.snuh. great accomplishments
  2. chris

    happy 30th sac!

    happy birthday, buddy so do you remember meeting eric as a kid :bang:
  3. chris

    board downtime: tomorrow 7 PM to midnight eastern time

    good riddance to the mnk the nhc is free at last
  4. chris

    Rate and Review: "The Tip of the Zoidberg"

    that was funny when zoidberg smashed the needles deeper into fry's hand and blood was gushing out!
  5. chris

    The Venture Bros.

    whaaat didn't they just start production like two months ago
  6. chris

    Rate and Review: "All the Presidents' Heads"

    this was the one i was looking forward to most. i found myself drifting towards other matters halfway through season's been so limp aside from law & oracle what's going on
  7. chris

    What happened to the board?

    i've been having a similar problem where threads only load halfway before timing out. frustrating me towards reading edit: has anyone ever read philip k. dick's zeus the almighty from vbulletin iv
  8. chris

    the a.v. club has started reviewing cowboy bebop

    suggested i bet you might be the second person on earth to actually gush over the last two episodes besides me
  9. chris

    the a.v. club has started reviewing cowboy bebop

    nearly started watching it last month, after a startling 10+ year delay (used to watch a lot of anime in high school, including shitty ones i knew were shitty but i didn't care because JAPAN). evangelion is still one of my favorite things ever. but for whatever reason this never piqued my...
  10. chris

    south park general discussion/upcoming episode thread

    so how many times do you guys think the chinese guy is gonna say 'shitty sushi'
  11. chris

    nhc flash game arcade (now featuring angry birds)

    cool. now i can finally see what this thing even is, beyond conan o'brien using it as a vehicle to smash kim kardashian singles
  12. chris

    the king of kings usergroup (reigning kings of the nhc: kevin & ryan o)

    there goodnight sweet princes
  13. chris

    the king of kings usergroup (reigning kings of the nhc: kevin & ryan o)

    you're a man of means by no means
  14. chris

    the king of kings usergroup (reigning kings of the nhc: kevin & ryan o)

    i pulled ahead of jase the other night but nobody noticed right now my bedroom is humid and i've got laundry in the dryer so oh ho we'll see
  15. chris

    Futurama MONOPOLY

    wait, there's a countdown to the presale for this thing and it's currently at 167 days mid-october come and free my baltic avenue soul
  16. chris

    Futurama MONOPOLY

    bender vs. leela's boot this'll be down to the wire
  17. chris

    NHC COMPETITION: new thread of the month for April 2011

    fox mulder's wrist watch