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  1. Insomnia

    Rate & Review: "Lisa the Boy Scout" (UABF21)

    i always hear people claim "no this modern simps episode is actually good" and when i sit down to watch em i just always find em to be really boring, generic and unfunny but this was actually pretty solid, not every gag was a hit but the concept was fun and the most interesting thing I've heard...
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    Greatest lines in Music History

    I need a temporary secretary, temporary secretary!
  3. Insomnia

    If Milhouse Van Houten were African-American?

    the only correct answer
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    Rick and Morty

  5. Insomnia

    top ten bands/musical artists

    my cheatin' ass list cause i can't decide between half of these artist various bands which are all great and these are what i consider the best of the "big bois" there are many other artist i love but these guys are in their own league imo Mike Patton Frank Zappa Damon Albarn John Zorn Nick...
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    The Lounge: Now As Active As The UK Lounge

    you guys seen this?
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    General DVD & Blu-ray Thread

    seem to have found one dvd
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    Welcome once again to the NHC

    you guys are STILL here, wtf?
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    nhc music Canon: top 100

    Frank Zappa -Hot rats Dr. Octagon -Dr. Octagonecologyst The Mothers of Invention -Uncle meat Mr Bungle - Disco Volante MF DOOM - MM..FOOD Flying Lotus - Flamagra Danny Brown - Atrocity Exhibition Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds - Skeleton Tree Ween - Quebec Faith No More - Angel Dust David Bowie -...
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    White actors to no longer voice non-white characters

    lol, the whole point of this trend is to finally give poc more roles in voice acting, something that has only been slowly rising for the past few years, no one is claiming hank playing Carl is racist they are saying roles like that should be given to more black VAs, obviously same with other...
  11. Insomnia

    White actors to no longer voice non-white characters

    we have like what.. 3 very prominent black voice actors in the business, KMK, Phill Lamar, Cree Summers and uh idk Keith David? most other black vas have had such a small amount of roles, its dominated by white actors also lol, everyone freaking out about the article, it only states “Moving...
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    Maggie Simpson will star another short-film

    why does the new baby look like it has progeria
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    they gonna replace apu with cookie kwan to own the libs
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    best song of the 2010s bracket - nomination thread

    Massive Attack - Take it There Gorillaz - Empire Ants David Bowie - Lazarus Flying Lotus - Never Catch me Mike Patton - Ore d'amore Tyler the Creator - EARFQUAKE Blur - Ghost Ship Thundercat -Them Changes Mike Patton - On top of the World Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds - Jesus Alone The Good the Bad...
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    Should we ban Ryan?

    death to those filthy nematodes
  16. Insomnia

    Should we ban Ryan?

    it's not that easy. we need evidence to cancel me, we need a cause
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    Should we ban Ryan?

    perma ban me while youre at it too please
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    Should we ban Ryan?

    this poll should be public, do it again
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    @Monsterland Buddies

    is it true you've consorted with nazis?