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  1. friz

    Season 34 Information Thread

    Based on this TikTok, Matthew Friend is to appear as a guest voice. We also see Hank Azaria recording a line of dialogue as Professor Frink talking about a virus being spread through burps. A Treehouse of Horror, perhaps?
  2. friz

    Rate & Review: "The Many Saints of Springfield" (OABF06)

    That was so bad! It's like Al Jean saw the positive feedback of A Serious Flanders and thought "yeah, I could do that". So many out-of-character moments, plotholes and flat jokes.
  3. friz

    Rate & Review: "My Life as a Vlog" (OABF05)

    What a weird conspiracy theory to start. Anyway, fun episode, but low on laughs. 3/5 for the poll.
  4. friz

    Season 34 Information Thread

    You don't have to decalre you're on a break every time you post. You're not Ross Geller.
  5. friz

    Al Jean is a bitcoin now, I guess?
  6. friz

    Rate & Review: "Treehouse of Horror XXXIII" (UABF18)

    I am floored by the amount of people who can't spell "tome".
  7. friz

    Rate & Review: "Treehouse of Horror XXXIII" (UABF18)

    Well, that was the best Treehouse of Horror in years. Scary and funny. Can Matt Selman be in charge of all the future THOHs please? 5/5
  8. friz

    Season 34 Information Thread

    I can imagine Pookadook being a 4-5 minute segment, giving extra time to the other two stories.
  9. friz

    Rate & Review: "Lisa the Boy Scout" (UABF21)

    A 22-minute shitpost. Loved it. Especially liked them showing a montage of real scenes without overexplaining the joke like they would have in the past. 4/5 from me as not every skit landed.
  10. friz

    Rate & Review: "Welcome to the Club"

    it was so bad it killed the queen
  11. friz

    Simpsons Comics Thread

    Been catching up on the Treehouse of Horror issues. This is definitely something.
  12. friz

    Rate & Review: "Girls Just Shauna Have Fun" (UABF12)

    So good. Laughed a lot. Long may Matt Selman reign. 5/5
  13. friz

    Rate & Review: "My Octopus and a Teacher" (UABF11)

    She had plenty of flaws. She's in denial about her husband's job, she's desperately wanting to be liked and she can be manipulative to get what she wants (the scene with Skinner and Chalmers). I loved the new character and hope she's here to stay. This episode was great. I feel the good...
  14. friz

    Rate & Review: "The Sound of Bleeding Gums" (UABF10)

    that's three times they've done the "can you close your eyes, they're really bright" gag. anyway, 4/5. good episode.
  15. friz

    Rate & Review: "Bart the Cool Kid" (UABF08)

    I adored this one. 5/5
  16. friz

    Rate & Review: "Pixelated and Afraid" (UABF04)

    This has the emotion of a Futurama episode when they go fully emotional. The ending sequence reminded me of the end of Meanwhile. A lovely story which breaks away from the typical Simpsons. Long may Matt Selman continue producing episodes. 4/5.