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    Family Guy: It's A Trap

    It was good and I agree with some people that it was better than Something, Something, Something Dark Side and I think it was probably alittle better than Blue Harvest.
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    Seth MacFarlane to not reboot The Flintstones after all

    I think Seth MacFarlane might do a good job with the rebooting of the Flintstones but I think it won't be as funny as the original Flintstones but I will watch every episode if it's good or even if it's OK. Another series they should reboot is the Jetsons.
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    Last Simpsons Episode You Watched

    Bart After Dark-A+.
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    Rate and Review: "The Real Housewives of Fat Tony" (NABF12)

    Terrible from start to finish, I knew that this episode was going to suck bad so it didn't surprise me how bad it was when it ended. I'm giving this episode a 0.5 out of 5.
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    season 22 ratings

    I'm not suprised that not that many people are watching season 22, I mean who actually watches every episode of the newer seasons.
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    Season 14 DVD & Blu-ray (release date: December 6, 2011)

    I might get season fourteen during it's first week on the shelves but when I got season 20 last year and when I finished watching every episode I wanted to throw it out my window. I knew it was going to be bad but I didn't think it would be that bad, season 14 on the other hand is a season worth...
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    Rate and Review "Lisa's First Word"

    Solid writting, plot, and humour through out the episode. A+.
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    R&R: Lisa's Substitute

    I love this episode but for some reason I don't watch it as often as other episodes on season 2 but I still love it, I also like the story and the writing of Lisa's Substitute and this episode has the right combination of everything, not like some other episodes on season 2 like ''The Way We...
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    Rate/Review Kill Gil (Volumes 1 & 2)

    Kill Gil is OK and it's one of the better episodes on the season but it's not all out fantastic, B-.
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    Rate and Review: "The Great Simpsina" (NABF11)

    I agree with some people that this is one of the better newer episodes but it's still not a great episode in my mind.
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    Last Simpsons Episode You Watched

    The City of New York vs. Homer Simpson,A.
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    Best of 1992 Elimination Thread

    Treehouse of Horror three,A Streetcar Named Marge,Homer Alone,Separate Vacations,Lisa the Greek,Kamp Krusty.
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    How Would You Rate "Gump Roast" (DABF12)?

    This is probably the worst clip show in the entire Simpsons history,D.
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    R&R: "Bart The General"

    A pure classic,10/10.
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    Rate each season out of ten

    Season 1-8/10. Season 2-9/10. Season 3-10/10. Season 4-10/10 Season 5-9/10. Season 6-10/10. Season 7-10/10. Season 8-10/10. Season 9-10/10. Season 10-9/10. Season 11-8/10. Season 12-9/10. Season 13-7/10. Season 14-6/10. Season 15-5/10. Season 16-4/10. Season 17-3/10. Season 18-2/10. Season...
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    The Simpsons Premier League: 'Brush with Greatness' vs. 'Lisa's Substitute'

    Brush With Greatness would do it for me because I think that Brush is an overall more funny episode.
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    R&R Realty Bites

    A funny and brilliant episode from start to finish,A.
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    R&R: The Last Temptation of Krust

    A pretty good episode but it wasn't all out funny like some other classic episodes,overall I'm grading this episode a B.
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    Rate/Review: C.E.D'oh (EABF10)

    This episode has a soild plot line and good writting all the way throw,C.E.D'oh in my opinion is one of the better episodes on season 14,5/5.