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  1. Ned Flanders272

    Rate/Review South Park 715 "It's Christmas In Canada" (SEASON FINALE)

    I liked it alot, 4/5, wonder how they made this in time to get Saddam with a beard. Edit: does anyone have the lyrics to "French Canada"?
  2. Ned Flanders272

    Rate/Review South Park 712 "All About the Mormons"

    I found it pretty avarage, but the "Dum, dum, dum, dum, dum." part was pretty good, 3/5
  3. Ned Flanders272

    Rate/Review South Park 710 "Grey Dawn"

    I loved it as well, many funny bits like the AARP and Country Kitchen Buffet I'm giving this one a 4/5.
  4. Ned Flanders272

    Which Season Was Worse?

    11 is much worse, 12 had some good Eps
  5. Ned Flanders272

    Favorite Treehouse of Horror segment?

    The Devil and Homer Simpson
  6. Ned Flanders272

    Rate/review "Girly Edition"

    I gave it a 4/5
  7. Ned Flanders272

    The DABF's

    Poppa's Got A Brand New Badge
  8. Ned Flanders272

    Season 13's Best Episode FINALES

    Poppa's.... was the best but i am voting I am Furious Yellow 'cuse it needs my vote.
  9. Ned Flanders272

    Season 13 Quarter Finals I

    Half-Decent Proposal wins
  10. Ned Flanders272

    Scully Classics

    S9: Bart Star, This Little Wiggy, The City Of New York vs. Homer Simpson and Lisa's Sax S10:Lisa Gets An "A", Mayored to the Mob, They Saved Lisa's Brain , 30 Minutes Over Tokyo and Mom and Pop Art S11: E-I-E-I Do'h, Days Of Wine and D'OHses, Last Tap Dance in Springfield and Pygmoelian S12...
  11. Ned Flanders272

    Now that you've seen the entire season...

    1.I am Furious (Yellow) 2. Blame it on Lisa 3. Poppa's got a Brand new Badge 4. Half Decent Proposal 5. She of Little Faith 6. Little Girl in the Big Ten 7. The Sweetest Apu 8. The Frying Game 9. Brawl in The Family 10. The Bart Wants What it wants 11. Sweets and Sour Marge 12. The Old Man and...