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  1. Torrens

    US Politics (Office of the Former President Appreciation Thread)

    Because Trump doesn't care about putting her in prison and never has. He just said that shit to give his base another slogan to scream at rallies.
  2. Torrens

    STAR WARS (untagged spoilers, yo)

    Re: all the Star Wars directors drama... yeah, the property has always been Lucasfilm's and they can do with it what they like. That's just how things work and if Miller and Lord were doing shit that Lucasfilm didn't want them to do, and they didn't stop after being told to stop, then firing...
  3. Torrens

    NHC in a Nutshell

    Or, I dunno, we could be more welcoming to a new member? This board is dying and it's dying because we're eating our own. NHC's Resident Bart, post whatever you want. Don't back down because someone's throwing shade at you for no good reason.
  4. Torrens

    The Lounge: Now As Active As The UK Lounge

    Yesterday while I was waiting for the bus away from work, there was a really angry, very likely schizophrenic man (older, white) who was loudly and increasingly angrily talking to someone only he could see. He and I were the only two people waiting for the bus. He was getting angry, completely...
  5. Torrens

    What Car Do U Drive Around In

    Why two years? It might still be going strong then. I do love how that car looks like it's hunkered down and ready to take a big angry bite out of life. I have no idea why the trend is now to make cars look like pissed-off sharks that are constantly screaming, but it's a thing. Early 00's cars...
  6. Torrens

    What Car Do U Drive Around In

    Really gorgeous car, Ryan. I was considering getting a Nissan Versa Note since they're cheap and seem relatively decent back when I first started researching about cars. My dad has a '90s Nissan truck that's still going strong.
  7. Torrens

    What Car Do U Drive Around In

    Tinselled Jim that car is like a fiery red blob of cuteness. Just got my car in today. It seems in good shape though it will definitely need a wash from being blasted through several states in like a day. Doesn't seem to have any damage and I did back it up and then pull it forward to where it...
  8. Torrens

    What Car Do U Drive Around In

    kupomog based on the headlights' shape, the newer Corolla is maybe a '09, 10, 11, somewhere around in that age range. I know that they have that particular shape, though. I'm getting a 2003 Toyota Corolla, hopefully it'll be a good car.
  9. Torrens

    General DVD/Blu-Ray/VHS/etc Discussion Thread

    If you knew it was a bootleg when you bought it, that's one thing, but if you paid some exorbitant price for it because the seller was advertising it as OOP, then you got ripped off.
  10. Torrens

    General DVD/Blu-Ray/VHS/etc Discussion Thread

    OSS, I think you were sold a bootleg. I mean if you're cool with it, that's what matters (and I myself have one anime set that I know is a bootleg and another that's possibly a bootleg but is really sweet quality so I don't care) but legit releases don't really have their disc artwork come off...
  11. Torrens

    RIP: Powers Boothe

    Man, if y'all have not seen Deadwood, you need to jump on that ASAP. Powers Boothe is fucking AMAZING in that. Absolutely terrifying and disgusting antagonist who somehow is outshown and cowed by an even greater psychopath, and is made all the more vile for it. This is really selfish of me, but...
  12. Torrens

    good riddance roger ailes

    Requoting because that's goddamn savage and beautiful.
  13. Torrens

    Young Justice

    Why the fuck isn't it coming to Netflix? Netflix having the show is what helped it catch on and get more viewers in the first place... I have no desire to pay for another streaming service. I hope they don't fuck it up like CBS is apparently fucking up Star Trek: Discovery.
  14. Torrens

    When did you first become conscious of your own mortality?

    I've had this same thought from the time I was a teenager that there are probably shitloads of alternate timelines where I did die as an infant since that was a very real possibility when I was born. Anyway... I'm having a bit of a health scare right now so I'm really stuck facing the thought...
  15. Torrens

    US Politics (Office of the Former President Appreciation Thread)

    Why is it that Bill Clinton could do goofy shit and still have a likeable/cool aura about him, and even W could do goofy shit and still have a (faux)likeable aura about him, but Trump does goofy off the cuff shit and just comes off as fucking stupid? Not sure, but it's a thing.
  16. Torrens

    vent here

    Walid, that's totally ok and valid, and you definitely should explore your own sexuality and figure out what you like and don't like, etc. Stay safe and have fun. :high5:
  17. Torrens

    The Lounge: Now As Active As The UK Lounge

    Maurice Rodriguez that sounds dumb as hell and from everything I've heard about them, Youtube has a really shitty customer service system. :/ Sorry you had that happen to you.
  18. Torrens

    What was the last food you just ate?

    I had a Wendy's Doublestack burger and a free small Frostie as my "end the week right by treatin' yo self" snack". Pretty tasty, pretty much how I expected.
  19. Torrens

    gamers are shit

    I generally like Boogie in that I think he's a genuinely well-meaning guy and his personal story of how shitty his life was up until meeting his wife and starting his channel is really compelling (and sad), but fuck I wish he would get off the fence about issues like this and not shelter people...
  20. Torrens

    STAR WARS (untagged spoilers, yo)

    I dunno why people think Ewoks are such pushovers; they could literally rip a Gungan from limb to limb. Every Star Wars movie has some goofy aliens. Yeah, are Ewoks kinda goofy? Yes. Are they actually pretty brutal? Also yes. They constructed a bunch of traps throughout Endor that would make a...