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  1. PreciousBodilyFluids

    Rate & Review: "Not It" (UABF17)

    This kept reminding me of another King adaptation....THE BLUNDER YEARS. Only it wasn't the least bit funny. King sucks btw. I'd have liked a really mean takedown of IT if we absolutely had to have a fucking episode based on those stupid Krusty tattoos, but of course the show is just fanservice...
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    Season 34 Information Thread

    James Arnold Taylor announcer voice makes me want to commit arson
  3. PreciousBodilyFluids

    Selman vs. Jean

    That's the same number of episodes as Simpsons Roasting on an Open Fire to Homer the Heretic :ac:
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    Rate & Review: "Lisa the Boy Scout" (UABF21)

    I think this was a backdoor pilot for The Simpsons Out of Context™
  5. PreciousBodilyFluids

    Rate & Review: "Lisa the Boy Scout" (UABF21)

    This was the long-awaited answer to 22 Short Films? That episode managed to do funny sketches that illuminated various character relationships without breaking continuity (Smithers' bee allergy notwithstanding) what was this? Seemed no more "out there" than any "real" episode at this...
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    Rate & Review: "One Angry Lisa" (UABF19)

    Al, I've missed you. Best Episode of the Season
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    Rate & Review: "Habeas Tortoise" (UABF16)

    Arthur Crandall was also miscolored. He used to be yellow! He's brown in stock art originating from (I think) TAPPED OUT. What the H?
  8. PreciousBodilyFluids

    Rate & Review: "Habeas Tortoise" (UABF16)

    Chalmers having a very bad supporting character as his offspring is the nail in the coffin for me. And in that ep he's bffs with Homer for some reason? It stinks!
  9. PreciousBodilyFluids

    Rate & Review: "Habeas Tortoise" (UABF16)

    Matt Selman fancies himself the new Bill Oakley, yet has nerfed Oakley's favorite character beyond recognition. If Oakley were to view a supercut of "Zombie Chalmers" and offer a blistering takedown à la his Instagram live review of Burger King's "Nightmare Whopper", I am confident that Selman...
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    Rate & Review: "Habeas Tortoise" (UABF16)

    Selman loves him some weak tea conspiracy/heist bullshit with groups of random characters. Chalmers is the last person who should be in not-Qanon! So much for him being the one sane person in Springfield. Also Homer is a foodie now, awesome. Does he have PAs bring him 4 meals from 4 different...
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    Season 34 Information Thread

    Judge Harm was established as a trans woman in her first appearance, so she should also be recast. 💅
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    Simpsons D23 panel (2022)

    That was just the usual bullshit lmao. This crossover business is getting out of hand!
  13. PreciousBodilyFluids

    WORST. WRITER. EVER. FUCKS OFF TO RUIN BERKELEY BREATHED'S BLOOM COUNTY I'm mystified by the hate Tim Long gets on here. I don't find his episodes particularly bad by the standards of the show's shit era, and think Lisa Goes Gaga is one of its few interesting...
  14. PreciousBodilyFluids

    Preview / speculation about the upcoming episodes of The Simpsons.

    Can we stop with the superstitious bullshit? Yeah, even-numbered seasons are worse than odd-numbered. And if there is one vowel in the credited writer's surname, the episode will score 5.6 stars on IMDb. Give me a break!
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    Rank all of the Simpsons Main Voice Actors from Best to Worst

    I don't understand the hate Kavner gets on here. She still sounds like Marge to me. Coarseness has always been a distinctive feature of the voice, so it's like ok, she's more gravelly now. It'll suck when she's gone. Anyway, there's no point in ranking these absolute legends.
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    Rate & Review: "My Octopus and a Teacher" (UABF11)

    Y'all should look up what a "Mary Sue" actually is, and realize only reactionary assholes use that term in earnest :) Ms. Peyton's faults are apparent from the get-go. She's a tad neurotic and vain, but well-meaning, especially when juxtaposed with the other faculty. I don't think she's an...
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    Rate & Review: "When Billie Met Lisa"

    Unfortunately! Lisa Goes Gaga acknowledges Lisa's incompatibility with its pop star of the week, wearing her down with Gaga's ethos over the course of the episode until she accepts Gagaism as an alternative to her blues. This could be read as a commentary on how Gaga homogenizes otherness...