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  1. Property of Ned Flanders

    Seth MacFarlane to not reboot The Flintstones after all

    well, i for one like the raunchy flintstones cutaways whenever they appear on family guy, and the two or so that seth did for cartoon cavalcade. i hope he makes it raunchy. i don't give a shit, it sounds hilarious to me. i wish they'd cancel cleveland and plop this in it's place before he churns...
  2. Property of Ned Flanders

    i dunno. the ladder was decent, magnification was mostly eh. then again, those were well over 10...

    i dunno. the ladder was decent, magnification was mostly eh. then again, those were well over 10 years ago. they must be bursting with fresh, progressive stuff...right? probably not, but i sure would like that. i don't think this new guy "gets it", like jon does (or did?). i suppose i could be...
  3. Property of Ned Flanders

    woo, steve howe

    woo, steve howe
  4. Property of Ned Flanders

    Rate and Review Family Guy: "The Big Bang Theory" (8ACX18)

    that was the best episode i have seen in a long time. i like their trippy universe shit (multiverse also comes to mind). probably 4.5/5
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    The Simpsons - Later Seasons

    the problem with the newer episodes is, nobody knows how to shut the fuck up and be dry and awkward anymore.
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    Holy Crap :O

    so? who knows, a "family guy lite" could prove very entertaining.
  7. Property of Ned Flanders

    "26 Pennies" - An animation short (featuring Steve!)

    that was great, i like the characters a lot, they seem pretty much well-developed already. i hope you guys decide to make this a series...
  8. Property of Ned Flanders

    Top 10 and Bottom 5 South Park Episodes

    i think this would probably be my current top 10, probably in no particular order: go god go 1 & 2 awesome-o christian rock hard a ladder to heaven simpsons already did it kenny dies cartmanland scott tenorman must die cartman joins NAMBLA something you can do with your finger the bottom...
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    Simpsons Porn is coming!!

    you can see homer's starland vocal band tattoo
  10. Property of Ned Flanders

    if Homer's Enemy didn't exist in season 8...

    and aired as a new episode in season 22 or whatever...would any of you who disliked the episode in the "classic era" respect it a little more now?
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    Rate and Review: "Treehouse of Horror XXI"

    they should have just made him turn to lisa and say "HE'S TEARING ME APART, LISA!". how easy, they wouldn't even have to remove the dad part. yes, hearing that there was a room parody, i just had to watch this one. too bad it failed.
  12. Property of Ned Flanders

    south park general discussion/upcoming episode thread

    somehow i doubt they're even half done with the episode. yay the coon, i loved that episode! i just hope it isn't another government men in black suits conspiracy episode. but it probably will be, won't it
  13. Property of Ned Flanders

    Cars 2

    god damn these sequels, i really wanted to see Newt :(
  14. Property of Ned Flanders

    fox developing napoleon dynamite animated series

    yeah really, what kind of domination is one night? come on, cartoons, grab your balls.
  15. Property of Ned Flanders

    Dr. Zoidberg is overrated.

    zoidberg never fails to bring to the lols to me. i'm not the biggest futurama fan but he is hands down my favorite dude. i would not care in the slightest if they did away with just about any main character except for fry, leela, zoidberg or the professer. i think bender is overrated, really. i...
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    fox developing napoleon dynamite animated series

    well i thought seth was ready to wrap up american dad soon anyway.
  17. Property of Ned Flanders

    Rare Simpsons Downunder card in near mint condition

    i just need to browse ebay more often and see what they usually go for once someone else puts one of theirs up for sale for before i just put it up for like 15 bucks starting or whatever. i wanted to scan the cards and show you guys but i looked and i have no idea where they are. all i know is...