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    R&R The Boondocks-"Guess Hoe's Coming to Dinner"

    Hilarious, as was the first.
  2. p2501

    Rocko's Modern Life

    Rocko: Ooo Baby! Ooo Baby! Mrs.Bighead: Rocko? Rocko: Mrs.Bighead? Such a great show.
  3. p2501

    The Great Louse Detective speculation

    The one in goldmemeber was freakin' awesome!
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    eBay has info on upcoming episode!!!

    Eric Idle, how cool. They better not screw this one up.
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    Is Homer Greek?

    Who cares, I don't. He could be, but he dosen't show intellegence, which is strangely a trademark of direct greek heritage.
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    Bart vs The Space Mutants

    Ask Kupomog
  7. p2501

    Most Evolved Character

    ehhh....damn lazy animators
  8. p2501

    Most Evolved Character

    I'd say..... Lisa, she became a lot more naggy and know it all, but she did have some +spiritual changes.
  9. p2501

    The Shinning

    10/10, oy yeah! Best THOH ever.
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    More Season 14 Info

    I find it less funny every time I hear it. Sounds like something KOTH would do.
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    More Season 14 Info

    Ehhhh... I really don't like the plot of large marge
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    Best Use of Surrealism in OFF

    Mysterious voyage
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    naked bart commercial

    Ehh, this makes me sick.
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    what do you think of these two eps?

    Homer:"And that talking coyote was just a talking dog" (homer see dogs on street) Dog:"Hey homer, find your soulmate!!!" Homer:"Wait a minute!" (looks at dog) Dog:"woof!" Homer:"Damn Straight!!!"
  15. p2501

    Favorite Moleman/Nelson Qoutes

    I feel these two are have the best one line quotes(and then some). College Girl:"This is just like that 80 year old who pretended to be a freshman." Moleman:"I just wanted some place to sit down..." Nelson:"Aww, I feel like punching myself."
  16. p2501

    Fav Sideshow Bob and Moe quotes

    SSB:"You can't handle the truth, no truth handler! I deride your truth handling abilities."
  17. p2501

    fav burns quote

    Burns:"Ahh, its that delightful TV leprechaun. I'm going to get you lucky charms!" electric buzzer noise Moleman:"Owwww, my brains."