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    TV Themes Showdown

    1. Twin Peaks 2. King of the Hill
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    TV Themes Showdown

    1. King Of The Hill 2. Fresh Prince of Bel-Air 3. Twin Peaks 4. Laverne & Shirley
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    TV Themes Showdown

    1. King of the Hill 2. The Wire - Season 4 intro 3. Cowboy Bebop 4. The Drinky Crow Show 5. Dexter 6. Mystery Science Theater 3000 - Season 2 intro 7. Twin Peaks 8. Ranma ½
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    TV Themes Showdown

    1. True Detective 2. Freakazoid 3. Matlock 4. Heathcliff 5. Kiklaida 6. Fresh Prince of Bel-Air 7. Family Matters 8. Sailormoon Sailor Star
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    Rate & Review: Family Guy - Boy (Dog) Meets Girl (Dog)

    This episode was so terrible I had to throw my dog at the screen to turn it off
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    American Dad! general discussion

    It's been like a year since the last time I saw a new American Dad! episode, so I missed a lot of episodes. I don't really care though, the episodes are terrible since TBS. So I saw this episode hoping nothing and... yeah, it sucked. The jokes were pretty lame, the characters were annoying and...
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    Season 29 Information Thread

    Man, these promos from ''Haw-Haw Land'' are neat!
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    God Jul, NHC!

    Holy shit, I uploaded this video! ...Anyway, Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night!
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    God Jul, NHC!

    Merry Christmas everyone! From me and the horrific guy on my avatar!
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    What State Do You Live In?

    I live in a constant state of anger and anxiety
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    Bob's Burgers

    The big difference is that without competition, there won't be any improvements...
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    The Lounge: Now As Active As The UK Lounge

    I'm really sorry for your lost Nitsy :(
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    NHC Discord

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    R&R Family Guy: Don't Be a Dickens At Christmas

    Family Guy... WHAT ARE WE DOING? Yeah, this is pretty much what I have to say. Some jokes were good, some were awful and the story was pretty lame. Feel extremely forced for a Christmas episode... but I guess it was worth for the good jokes.
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    halloween/xmas usernames 2017

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    Marvel Cinematic Universe

    Yeah, it was pretty neat! Loved the ending!
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    south park general discussion/upcoming episode thread

    Nope, could be freaking awesome.
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    R&R Family Guy "Petey IV"

    The plots were stupid, but the jokes and references were amusing. What else can I ask from Family Guy? Good episode.
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    2018 Celebrity Death Prediction Thread

    Really? What made you think that? :chin:
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    Rate and Review South Park: "Moss Piglets"

    I had a really good time watching this episode, the plot felt like something from an anterior season, it was hilarious and the ending was perfect. Looks like a pretty solid episode to me!