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    joe miller
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    is the

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    Lead Singer of The Strokes' Much More Exciting New Album

    GENRE: DREAMPOP-PRISONJAZZ-MICHAELJACKSONSPACEEXPLORATION 1st Album: Tyranny Available Now 2nd Album: Released March 30 2018 Enjoyz
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    i have decided to kill myself

    ? context? please tell me he had sex first
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    Things only white people say

    Out of curiosity, what would happen if I started a thread titled 'Things only Chinese people say' or 'Things only Mexican people say'?
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    After season 30...

    You just answered your own question.
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    Sh*t films you loved as a kid

    Fight Club.
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    R.I.P. Tobe Hooper at age 74

    :( I'll never forget watching TCM for the first time. It's still a riveting movie. rip
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    Oakley/Weinstein & The Simpsons Movie

    Yeah, I know. I'm wondering why that was.
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    Oakley/Weinstein & The Simpsons Movie

    Went on a mission hill binge today and became genuinely curious as to whether it was ever revealed why they were the only show runners (apart from sam simon) not to be invited to work on the movie. all things considered, it's pretty strange. was there some behind the scenes drama?
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    Which Simpsons character has the sex most frequently? (NSFW)

    so It's some to this: a thread where we discuss agnes skinner's sex life
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    Justin Long

    great in tusk (Y)
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    Very Unpopular Opinions (Movie Edition)

    I can't stomach any film by Spielberg
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    will smoking cigarettes kill me

    Not really
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    What superhero movies are worth watching?

    oh wait watchmen
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    Anyone else really dislike When Flanders Failed?

    (with) tongue in cheek phrase of tongue 1. speaking or writing in an ironic or insincere way. "one suspects that he is writing with tongue in cheek"