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  1. brentmoney

    most attractive board female overall, round 1

    ladies, please do not question my use of photos. due to less candidates, four will make it out of this round moni kelly aoife rachel pearl kupomog kimpantaloons nerd groupie dyer
  2. brentmoney

    most attractive board male overall, round 1

    yes, i'm taking it this far. both male and females will go to round two. only five will make it out of this. poll closes in five days nate phil caribou jimbo mr. broom eddie brent xander biscuits billy grubermeister son of bomber
  3. brentmoney

    Season 5 VS Season 8

    Which one of the " wackier" seasons of the classic era is better? I say Season 8, for just having more classic episodes such as You Only Move Twice, The Springfield Files, Homer VS the Eighteenth Amendment, Itchy and Scratchy and Poochie Show, and Homer's Phobia. Season 5 is pretty good too.
  4. brentmoney

    How often do you watch your DVDs without the commentary?

    I do about 75% of the time..I honestly want the DVDs so I can watch the show in better quality than the original on days where the show doesn't air here. However, the other 25% of the time is usually nights when I feel more interested in things than I usually am. How about you?
  5. brentmoney

    So, what newer characters do you actually like?

    Let's face the past few years, we had to deal with many shitty and annoying characters, such as Cookie Kwan, The Yes Guy, and Lindsey Nagele. But what characters that have made there debut since Season 9 do you actually like? Here are some of my favorites. Johnny Tightlips Greta...
  6. brentmoney

    A NHC " Official" Top 50 Episode list..

    With top 50 movies, music, and now video game lists, why not make a top 50 episode list of the show this site was made for? I will decide the rules after a while, but for now, only include 25 episodes. Mine: 1. Last Exit to Springfield 2. The Springfield Files 3. Homer's Heretic 4. You Only...
  7. brentmoney

    Rate Season Eight as A Whole

    To me , this is a very underrated season and quite possibly the best behidn four and six. Lots of Homer episodes, but they are all good. 5/5
  8. brentmoney

    Rate Season Seven As a Whole

    Season 7 is awesome, but not quite as good as Six was. Still probably one of the top seasons. 5/5 Episodes Who Shot Mr. Burns? - Part Two Radioactive Man Home Sweet Homediddily-Dum-Doodily Bart Sells His Soul Treehouse of Horror VI King-Size Homer Mother Simpson ( Man is the first half of...
  9. brentmoney

    Rate Season Six as a whole ( With a poll)

    5/5 episodes Bart of Darkness Lisa's Rival Itchy & Scratchy Land Treehouse of Horror V Bart's Girlfriend Lisa on Ice Homer: Bad Man Homer the Great And Maggie Makes Three Homie the Clown A Star is Burns Lisa's Wedding The PTA Disbands The Springfield Connection Lemon of Troy Who Shot Mr...
  10. brentmoney

    Rate Season Six as a whole

    5/5 episodes Bart of Darkness Lisa's Rival Itchy & Scratchy Land Treehouse of Horror V Bart's Girlfriend Lisa on Ice Homer: Bad Man Homer the Great And Maggie Makes Three Homie the Clown A Star is Burns Lisa's Wedding The PTA Disbands The Springfield Connection Lemon of Troy Who Shot Mr...
  11. brentmoney

    Rate Season Five as a whole

    5/5 Not quite as good as the fourth season, but still fantastic.
  12. brentmoney

    Rate Season Four as whole

    That dude posted " rate season 3" and it had a good number of replies, so I just decided to go to four. It was my fault though, because in my season two poll I forgot to mention that I was doing all of the seasons. Season Four is quite possibly my favorite season, along with Six. This season...
  13. brentmoney

    Rate Season Two as a whole

    Well, now it's time for the second poll. I think Season 2 was a very good season and a slight improvement over Season 1. Episodes first started to stand out, like " Lisa's Substitute". A good season, but not amazing. 3.5/5
  14. brentmoney

    R + R: Season One as a whole

    I have decided to start a chain of polls asking what you think of particular seasons. Season One is classic, yes, and watching how bad the animation and sound were was fun, and most of the episodes are pretty good. However, it still isnt' great. I give Season One a 3/5 because it still was far...
  15. brentmoney

    R + R Simpsons Spin Off Showcase

    I think this is a great fucking episode, one of the best ever. All 3 of the parts are hilarious. 5/5
  16. brentmoney

    Simpsons Theme Park

    Yesterday on Fox Chicago News, they had a section on The Simpsons and the 300th celebration. They said rumored after the series ending of a Full Length Movie and possibly a theme park dedicated to the characters. I highly doubt that would happen, it's like a 1% chance, but still imagine the...
  17. brentmoney

    Should they completely remake an episode?

    I'm sure most of you probably don't like the idea of this after looking at the thread title, but i mean it for pure interest...should the crew re-do an episode from let's say, Season 1? Use the exact same script, but completely reanimate it digitally so it would look as good as they do today...
  18. brentmoney

    Warm/ Fuzzy Feelings You Get From Moments

    I thought this would be a pretty good idea, it may have been used before, but oh well. Marge's walk in the SNPP in " Life in the fast lane" Lisa's song in " Last Exit To Springfield" Homer's Speech to Lisa in "Lisa's Wedding" The flashback to Lisa and Bart's love for each other in "Lisa on...
  19. brentmoney

    How would you rate " The Springfield Connection"

    I hear NOTHING about this episode on NHC, so I decided to see what everyone thinks of it. It is one of Season 6's best, and one of the best Marge episodes. Like many Season 6 episodes, it has non stop gags, which I love in Simpsons episodes. The cops were very funny, and so was Homer. 5/5
  20. brentmoney

    Season 3 DVD and beyond

    Since there is an Amazon Season 3 DVD page, does anyone know if there are any rumors about it coming out for Christmas? I hope it does, as it would be a great make up from the May-August delay of the Season 2 DVD. Discuss Season 3 DVD and everything after it here.