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    Characters randomly appearing in places they shouldn't be

    Can anyone give me any instances of this happening? One amusing incident was in a Simpsons Comic story from last year called "Owl or Nothing". Homer says to Marge "I was just telling him how annoying Mr. Burns was today." Then he appears literally out of nowhere and says "You don't mean me?"...
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    Is Peter Griffin a good role model?

    Is he a good father and husband? Do you admire his outlook on the world? Is he someone you aspire to be?
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    Calvin & Hobbes

    Anybody like it?
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    I hate Hungry Hungry Homer.

    I find this an extremely overrated episode.
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    Would Maximum Homerdrive be considered a stand-out in Season 15?

    I was reading the top 50 post-classics list, and most of them were the normal episodes that everyone picks (Hungry Hungry Homer, Special Edna, Trilogy of Error, etc.) But Maximum Homerdrive was in it as well. I wondered why. Is it because Season 10 is generally considered the best post-classic...
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    Hurt and Heal: Episodes directed by Lauren MacMullan

    Bye Bye Nerdie [10] Half-Decent Proposal [10] Little Girl in the Big Ten [10] Moe Baby Blues [10] I, D'oh-bot [10] The Wandering Juvie [10] Sleeping with the Enemy [10]
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    What do you think of Seasons 19-21?

    Apparently 19-21 are Pops' "Modern Classic Era". Most people consider 13-15/16 this. Obviously everybody hates 22-24, but these seasons not as much. I, myself, have only seen one episode out of these three seasons. So, yeah. What do you think of them?
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    Make a Season 25 episode!

    In this game, members challenge each other to create a hybrid of two episodes from between Season 1-9. I challenge you to make an episode which mixes together parts of "Lisa's Rival" and "Homerpalooza"!
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    Hurt and Heal: Episodes written by Mike Scully

    Only the ones from before he became showrunner. Lisa's Rival [10] Lisa on Ice [10] Two Dozen and One Greyhounds [10] Marge Be Not Proud [10] Team Homer [10] Lisa's Date With Density [10]
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    Sue the above poster

    I was looking at Nameless' usernotes, and somebody had said something about a "Sue the above poster" thread. That sounded fun, so I thought i'd bring it back! So... yeah. Sue me.
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    Post South Park quotes here

    Do as the thread title commands you.
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    Best gags in the HD era

    Well I was watching Ned 'n' Edna's Blend yesterday and I actually laughed at the "Skipping is cool! Especially when you're holding hands with your brother!" gag, which got me thinking how unfunny the HD era is as a whole. Has there been any jokes at all in the HD seasons that you laughed at?
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    See Homer Run's lack of popularity compared to similar episodes

    Nobody likes See Homer Run. If it was in Season 16, it'd undoubtedly be the least popular episode of that season. But why? Personally, I really like this episode. Yeah, I know Homer's a jerk in the first act, but it serves to get the plot rolling and for once it's actually funny. Also, unlike...
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    Best of these combinations?

    The first and last of the years they were aired in. Options above.
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    Why do people not hate The Boys of Bummer more?

    TV Tropes says the episode is pretty much universally known as the worst ever. That isn't true. It didn't even make the bottom 50 of all time here. Why is that, when Million Dollar Abie, which is a pretty similar episode, came 8th on that list?
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    Why do people hate The Lastest Gun in the West so much?

    I've just realized this. I watched it a couple of months ago and it's not great for sure but there's nothing really offensive in there and I can't really remember much from it, tbh. I can see why people hate something like Kill the Alligator and Run and Bart-Mangled Banner, but not this. It was...
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    Dirtiest season

    In early 2002, the show got a lot of criticism on here for being too crude, with episodes such as "Jaws Wired Shut", "Half-Decent Proposal" and "A Hunka Hunka Burns In Love". Do you think Season 13 is still the dirtiest season?
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    Does it bother anyone else that Krusty is portrayed as an actual comedian?

    It always bugs me. Such as when he talks about his contemporaries like Don Rickles, or him doing roasts, I always think "Wait a minute. You're a children's entertainer, not a comedian, and you're always in clown make-up. This doesn't make sense". And his comeback special. What kind of kids show...