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  1. Gatorgod

    Post Your Original Simpson Meme Here

    Endue Simpsons screen grabs (animated GIf/single frame) with your own gag, statement, short rant... The one with the most thumbs up wins! (not a game,) Just try to show off your mad satire skillz! :cool:
  2. Gatorgod


    What Would Homer Do? [Rant removed] ... I get like this sometimes, I'm not a drinker, but on those rare occasions when I do, woo! it shows :gatordrunk: WWHD? What Would Homer Simpson have said or done in any given situation? Maybe you can offer up one of your own real life situations...
  3. Gatorgod

    Simpsons & World Travel

    I'm currently hopping about the gator globe, and I take note of the amount of presence the Simpsons have in way of graffiti, merchandise, even knock-off stuff. I started out in Istanbul .. Stayed a week and went practically every where.. No Simpsons to be found at all. Then a week In Greece...
  4. Gatorgod

    Pick Your Poison

    Getting a Karate chop? - or - a Kung Fu kick? Answer, then provide two unattractive options/situations one might face so the next poster can choose between the lesser of the two evils.
  5. Gatorgod

    Shill Thread

    In here you can shamelessly promote brand name products, merchandise, Trendy Labels, Franchises, Bands, publishers, studios, Theories opinions, ect, ect,.. Sell it and Sell it hard! Make us want to shell out our hard earned Euro's, or make us get on board with whatever your pushing. The new...
  6. Gatorgod

    007 Bond Thread

    Rate, Review, Facts, News, Games .. et'al Bring your James Bond discussion. // __.==--" /#(-' `-'` James Bond - 007 Peter Lorre: first ever actor to portray a Bond Villain, the evil Le Chiffre in a adaptation of Casino Royale that aired on live television during the CBS anthology series...
  7. Gatorgod

    Conversation with a Springfield Charater?

    If you actually were forced to spend 5 hours in real life on a plane with a Springfield character (not the Simpsons family).. Who would you choose? Only one empty seat left beside that person.. Give it some thought, I imagine you'd want the time to pass comfortably.. Choosing someone you...
  8. Gatorgod

    Rock Opera / Concept Albums

    Me? like Opera? .. I guess so, if it's a Rock Opera! So many to choose from, so much good stuff! What speaks to you? Do you like the newer politically charged stuff like Green Days - american idiot -or- Huge hit classics like The Wall? Thread Inspired by steamed_hamms resurrecting Jeff Wayne's...
  9. Gatorgod

    Mystery Music

    Post songs with a mystery about them,.. Songs where fact & opinion differ from person to person.. Explain why they might be mysterious if it's not openly apparent to first time listeners. Prepare to answer questions and critiques from the curious. Angie Baby: .. So what really happened to her...
  10. Gatorgod

    Not So Good Halloween Music

    Help me make a Halloween mix tape for the NHC Halloween party. A candy bar goes in the treat sack of those that bring the truly Bad!.. Cheap penny candy for everyone else.
  11. Gatorgod

    Don't Look At US!

    During the first 4 seasons of the Simpsons, The main 6 voice actors didn't want fans of the show to see the faces behind the cartoon characters.. An old TV guide interview, showing 4 of the cast members hiding their faces behind held up head mask of the character they did, stated that they felt...
  12. Gatorgod

    Cardboard Simpsons Standees

    Use this thread to post any Studio standees photos you find I scanned a pic from an old Yeardley Smith magazine interview featuring her posing beside a Lisa Simpson Cardboard studio Standee. I've seen the Simpsons ones in stores a few times. but the ones i saw in the photos with the actors...
  13. Gatorgod

    Thrown Out Simpsons

    Did you ever come across some Simpson stuff that folks threw out,.. and took it home with you? Second hand store or rubbish bin,.. wot 'ave you found? On my evening bike ride, I found the special edition Complete 5th season DVD box, All intact.. just lying out in a box, waiting for tomorrows...
  14. Gatorgod

    Things You've Outgrown

    Stickers Collectible, Bumper, out of a bubble gum machine, Back when, I was Sticker crazy.. ..couldn't get enough of them.. Now? ..not so much
  15. Gatorgod

    Gators Mash-Ups

    Marge isn't so shocked by her snake transformation as she is to see Maggie in egg state. As for Lisa, she's quite the militant vegetarian as a human, but once thrown into the role of a hawk or snake,.. She becomes an excellent predator. I like to keep Lisa's iconic red dress on her when I...
  16. Gatorgod

    Cheap Souvenirs

    You travel to far off lands or just on a holiday, not a lot of cash to blow on stupid mementos but you don't want to leave without a little something that promotes that location. Shot glasses? Travel spoons? Maui T-shirts? Show us what you brought back that tells us you "Been There!!". While...
  17. Gatorgod

    Obscure TV Cartoon Shows

    Marine Boy .. 1965 NBC Saturday mornings.. So obscure even I've never seen it, or bother to watch the youtube all the way to end. :ashamed:
  18. Gatorgod

    Krusty the Clown Spinoff

    Matt Groening pitched a lot of spin-off ideas back in the 90's, .. a live-action Troy McClure movie, Adventures of young Homer, (My personal favorite). None got greenlighted by the studios, The one that came closest to production was a Live action sitcom starring Dan Castellaneta as Krusty the...
  19. Gatorgod

    Your Specs

    Summary of Gators Laptop Operating System: MS Windows XP Professional 32-bit SP3 CPU: Intel Pentium M, Banias 0.13um Technology RAM: 512 MB DDR @ 133MHz (2.5-3-3-6) <-(Read it and Weep, Gamers!!) Motherboard: Dell Computer Corporation (Microprocessor) 41 °C...
  20. Gatorgod

    The Malcontent (Is This You?)

    Who is this? I grabbed this pic out of an old "Simpsons Illustrated" showing a description of the different personality types that make up Bart's classmates. This is the only girl that isnt smiling? What troubles her sweet lil head to make her frown so? I worry about this kid. :gatorsad: