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    Episodes with only minor appearances from the Simpsons family

    Inspired by a chain of comments in the most recent episode thread, which episodes have the smallest role for any main member of the family? I know Bart is absent from 'Four Great Women and a Manicure', and Marge only has a non-speaking cameo in 'Krusty Gets Cancelled' - but what other episodes...
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    You, Me and the Apocalypse

    Follows what happens when an eclectic group of individuals are forced to survive together as a comet heads towards Earth. Starring Rob Lowe, Matthew Baynton, Jenna Fischer, Megan Mullally, Pauline Quirke, Paterson Joseph - amongst many others. The first episode just aired in the UK on Sky One...
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    Best and Worst Shows for Rewatching

    What shows can you rewatch over and over again and still enjoy greatly? On the other hand, what are some other shows that you enjoyed once, but have tried to watch again and just couldn't seem to enjoy as much, or you would not consider watching for a second time? I find that sitcoms are...
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    Hooked Within How Long

    What are some of your favourite shows that took you a short and/or a long time to become actively interested or hooked on. Within twenty seconds of the first episode of "Arrested Development", they had me. The whole bit with Lucille's "look what the homosexuals have done to me" and "it just...
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    Media You Don't Understand the Appeal Of

    What media (TV show, album, song, movie, etc.) do you just not understand the appeal of? I'm talking about specific things that you have seen/listened to that you just don't 'get' in terms of its attraction.
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    First to Last

    What TV show has changed the most from it's first episode to it's last/most recent installment? I'm not talking quality-wise, although you could interpret it that way if you wish, but I'm mostly talking about the premise/characters of the first episode of the show in comparison with the most...
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    Christmas Traditions

    What are some unique Holiday traditions you / your family have during this festive season? They don't even have to be all that unique, just describe them here.
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    Worst Premiere-Finale : Tie-Breaker (2)

    There's a tie of five votes each for the episodes "Moe Goes From Rags to Riches" and "Love is a Many-Splintered Thing" in the Worst Season from Premiere-Finale thread. Which episode do you LIKE THE LEAST?
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    Worst Premiere-Finale : Tie-Breaker (1)

    There's a tie of three votes each for the episodes "A Hunka Hunka Burns in Love", "The Regina Monologues", "Treehouse of Horror XXI" and "Replaceable You" in the Worst Season from Premiere-Finale thread. Which episode do you LIKE THE LEAST?
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    Stories About Individual Episodes

    Do you have any interesting memories/stories about a particular episode from the show? Maybe you remember watching an episode during a particular time in your life, or you remember watching an episode with your family/friends and they had an interesting reaction, whatever.
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    Worst Season from Premiere-Finale

    The "Best Season from Premiere-Finale" thread seemed to go down pretty well, so let's try this again to discover which episodes will be selected to concoct the worst possible season of The Simpsons. All you have to do is vote for your least favorite episode (the episodes listed below are the...
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    Annoying Television Tropes

    What are some plot points from television shows that are either used too frequently or completely annoy you? I absolutely despise the "it turns out the girl/boy who I saw you talking with was actually your brother/sister/cousin", it's used way too much in shows that I watch and it's very rarely...
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    Least Watched Episodes

    Of the classic-era*, which episodes have you re-watched the least amount of times? (due to them never airing in syndication, or having no desire to view them again, etc.) * I chose the classic-era as many have watched every episode at least once and there are very few episodes that would be...
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    Premiere-Finale : Tie-Breaker (1)

    There's a tie of four votes each for the episodes "Last Exit to Springfield" and "Homer at the Bat" in the Best Season from Premiere-Finale thread. Which episode do you prefer?
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    Television Character Crossover

    Although most crossovers turn out poorly, I've always been interested in the actual concept of them. I was mulling over the other day which TV shows could do a crossover with one another and still be successful, either because the characters would fit into the show's universe or because they...
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    Financial Panther's Futurama

    Financial Panther's Futurama Journey Financial Panther revealed in the Simpsons section that he has seen every episode of The Simpsons and has only seen (one?) episode of Futurama. When/if you do start watching, we'd love to hear your thoughts and track your progress here.
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    How is your posture? I've just been doing some yoga because mine is absolutely awful. Does anyone know any good stretches that could help me out?
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    Best Season from Premiere-Finale

    I created this thread when I first joined No Homers Club and I'd be interested to see the results now that 4 years has past and members have come and gone. All you have to do is vote for your favorite episode (the episodes listed below are the first episodes of each season, next we will move on...
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    Plot Twists That Spoil Otherwise Good Episodes

    Are there any twists in an episode's plot that ruin the episode for you? I feel like many Scully-era episodes often fall to pieces and are looked down upon due to their awful twists that often occur in the third act. "Homer to the Max" is pretty funny in the first two acts; it's got some solid...
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    Why Don't We...

    ... build a fence around their fence, Ryan?