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  1. AubreetheSimpson

    Nelson looks like Barney's son

    Have you ever thought that Nelson was Barney's son until you realized that his real father, Eddie Muntz, actually exists? This may be strange to you, but I was just wondering if anyone has ever been thinking about that.
  2. AubreetheSimpson

    Coca Cola Dreamworld Limited Edition

    Has anyone ever tried the Coca Cola Dreamworld Limited Edition drink? I really like the taste of it. It's really good.
  3. AubreetheSimpson

    Parts you laugh the most!!!

    Hey! Do you know which part in any episode of the show makes you laugh the most, based on how long and hard you laughed? It can be a joke.
  4. AubreetheSimpson

    Your Expansion to The Simpsons?

    I realized that many of you had expansion of being a Simpsonmaniac by remembering the writers' names, quotes from episodes, cast names, etc. and watching every single episode. So here's an interesting question. How long does it take to expand your obsessing interest on the Simpsons from the...
  5. AubreetheSimpson


    Is anyone getting too old to dress up for Halloween??? Well, who cares? What are some of your memories related to Halloween?!
  6. AubreetheSimpson

    Your fav Disney Princess?

    Hey! Do you have a favorite Disney Princess? My favorite Disney Princess is the animated Princess Jasmine because she looks gorgeous, and she's a different, but strong-willed princess. Her singing voice is also so beautiful and angelic in the animated movies. She relates to me many times when it...
  7. AubreetheSimpson

    Simpsons Cinematic Universe

    I have to share this! It is one of the best skits I've ever seen. It was held in the D23Expo. Way better than "Welcome to the Club!"
  8. AubreetheSimpson

    Disenchanted Trailer!

    OMG! You should check this out! I know, it's a long wait for Enchanted to have a sequel! My gosh! That's some amazing nostalgia comeback here!
  9. AubreetheSimpson

    Do you have the Season DVD/Blu-ray Boxsets?

    How many of you have any of the Season DVD/Blu-ray boxsets? Would be nice to know and/or see your collection if you have any of them.
  10. AubreetheSimpson

    Who is your favorite singer of the Simpsons?

    WARNING! I will be crazy with that one, so, please do not criticize my immaturity on this one! Also, I made this because I'm enthusiastic and get crazy about these stuff, so come on, just enjoy! I'm literally acting like I'm Krusty the Clown just wanting to have fun with anyone once in a while...
  11. AubreetheSimpson

    A Must-Answer Question!

    Does anyone ever got/bought the Season 3 DVD boxset just to see "Stark Raving Dad" anytime since it was pulled out of broadcast and is not on Disney+?
  12. AubreetheSimpson

    Mervin Monroe is Dr. Marvin Monroe's brother!!! Oof!

    I just discovered that Mervin Monroe, the Tattoo Parlor guy from the first episode of the show "Simpsons Roasting on an Open Fire", is Dr. Marvin Monroe's younger brother!!! Oof! My mind was blown when I just discovered it! I remember by thinking about his appearance, he looks like Dr. Marvin...
  13. AubreetheSimpson

    Elimination Game! (Heart Edition) (SCRAPPED/CANCELLED)

    Hello, let's play an elimination game on Favorite Heart song! I was a Heart fan a while back, so I really want you to play this game! It's gonna be fun! The following songs are in the elimination game: These Dreams Alone Barracuda All I Wanna Do is Make Love to You What About Love? Nothing at...
  14. AubreetheSimpson

    Audio Cut on Disney+???

    Am I the only one who just heard an audio cut on the last note and fade out of the theme song in the "Blood Feud" episode on Disney+??? It was shortly after the scene goes straight to a black screen during the end of the intro. That was right before the beginning of the episode. Must've been an...
  15. AubreetheSimpson

    What is your favorite Homer and Marge moment?

    I just want to know! What is your favorite Homer and Marge moment? I admire the ending of "Bart Gets Hit By a Car!" When Homer decided he wouldn't love Marge, but he can still do things for her, Marge was horribly upset and told him that he should look straight to her eyes to see if he can...
  16. AubreetheSimpson

    Guess Where the Episode Came From? (Quotes Edition)

    All you have to do is say a quote from an episode and let someone guess it. Ready, go! 1. "But, this is worse than Milhouse's exam! Bart Simpson, I warned you! This is the final straw!" 2. "Look, lady, this better be good." 3. "Leave Pedro!" 4. "Someone's getting chunky..." 5. "Bart, you're no...
  17. AubreetheSimpson

    Guess the Episode's Title by Emojis

    Let's play! You can join in if you want to! Ready, go! 1. 1️⃣🐟 2️⃣🐟🐟 🐡 💙🐟 2. 👩‍🦲⚾ 3. 👱🏻‍♀️✈️🏦 (Hint: The last emoji is a big city) 4. 👱🏻‍♀️🎷 5. 🌿👶👩‍❤️‍💋‍👩 6. 🤵➡️👰
  18. AubreetheSimpson

    Bart Gets an "F" vs. Life on the Fast Lane

    These episodes have the highest ratings in The Simpsons broadcast history. However, which one is your favorite? If not, debate which one is better.
  19. AubreetheSimpson

    One Fish, Two Fish, Blowfish, Blue Fish vs. Lisa's Substitute

    These are the highest rated episodes of season 2 on IMDB. However, which one is your favorite? You can debate which one is better if not.
  20. AubreetheSimpson

    "In Stereo" and "In Dolby Surround" tags

    Does anyone ever got a chance to see any of them before? I wonder if any of you missed them or not...