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  1. duck soup

    music box sets

    i don't think these matter to a single person i know in real life, but they've always been, and continue to be, extremely important to me. i'm defining 'box set' here as a collection with four or more 'discs', be they physical or digital. i'm not interested in those that simply contain various...
  2. duck soup

    top five zeppelin cuts

    since i've been loving you d'yer mak'er what is and what should never be the lemon song when the levee breaks
  3. duck soup

    rank studio ghibli

    or do a top five/ten/etc. i'm pretty satisfied with this top ten. ranking the others would be fairly arbitrary. 01. the tale of the princess kaguya 02. grave of the fireflies 03. whisper of the heart 04. only yesterday 05. the wind rises 06. ocean waves 07. my neighbour totoro 08. kiki's...
  4. duck soup

    your favourite films to watch in the dead of night

    are there any specific flicks that you like to put on at midnight or in the wee small hours of the morning? here's ten of my go-to late night picks, which i keep in regular rotation. the strange/eerie titles are most effective during the witching hour and the not-so-strange/eerie titles are...
  5. duck soup

    Disney Animated Film Discussion

    so, i realize this is kind of a daunting idea, but i wanted to propose an ongoing discussion of disney's animated features in chronological order. of course, since there's about sixty of them, i'm sure that we would only have, at best, a very casual discussion. i wouldn't expect anyone to watch...
  6. duck soup

    media you associate with specific users

    (regardless of how valid that association is) babar - Zombies Rise From the Sea bigger than life - Frightened Inmate No. 2 the family - Startug the french connection - hutz (also twister) hissing fauna, are you the destroyer - deadname mad men - lionelhutz123 morel orel - handsome_devil peter...
  7. duck soup

    General CD/Vinyl/Cassette/etc Discussion Thread

    we have a thread for film and television-related physical media, but as far as i know we don't have one for music. i pre-ordered this last week: the beach boys - beach boys' party! uncovered and unplugged release date: december 11, 2015 the vinyl edition is just the original album without...
  8. duck soup

    scary records to play in the dark

    this is my go-to record for halloween: alexander von schlippenbach trio - pakistani pomade (1972). dissonant, chaotic, experimental free(k) jazz. there's some really terrifying sounds on this thing, especially on the track 'ein husten für karl valentin' - i don't know what that guy's growling...
  9. duck soup

    The NHC Top Television Shows List (2015) RESULTS

    first off, thanks Amanda Hugandkiss for passing the 'top ____' torch. we've done albums, films, and video games, so let's do tv shows now! The NHC Top Television Shows List (2015) similar to what we've done before, just post a list of your top twenty favourite shows of all time. these...
  10. duck soup

    top ten bands/musical artists (2015 edition)

    it's been two years since the last one and it's fun to read everyone's lists. :cool: 01. bob dylan 02. the beatles 03. frank sinatra 04. tom waits 05. the beach boys 06. the everly brothers 07. hank williams 08. serge gainsbourg 09. pavement 10. blur
  11. duck soup

    top five directors

    interested to see what names come up. kind of a boring list from me. roughly in order. 1. alfred hitchcock 2. tim burton (based purely on the strength of his work from 1985 to 1999) 3. john ford 4. howard hawks 5. douglas sirk i really like 1940s & 1950s hollywood films.
  12. duck soup

    anybody else find it hard to get into cgi?

    i tried watching wall-e for the first time the other night. since i've heard so many great things over the years, i was very excited and had pretty high expectations. hate to say this, but i shut it off about halfway through because it just wasn't doing anything for me. i always feel this way...
  13. duck soup

    top ten no homers club moments

    my favourite moments on the nhc over the past few years: 1. zach takes a look at lincoln through the years 2. Jims questions who really shot mr. burns 3. sparkydog gets me a great deal on the 'simpsons world' book 4. pkkao thinks the line from 'last exit to springfield' is 'unless you crook...
  14. duck soup

    twin peaks (1990-1991)

    i adore this show. its eerie/melodramatic/bizarre atmosphere is unmatched, and the way its layered storytelling unfolds is absolutely gripping. even though i'd seen the series many times before, the recent blu-ray release has made me fall in love with it all over again. i've watched vhs...
  15. duck soup

    top ten television shows (2014 version)

    we've done this before, but let's do it again (since everyone's seen breaking bad now)! feel free to specify certain seasons, etc. and i encourage you to put your list in [rough] order. 1. the simpsons 2. seinfeld 3. twin peaks 4. curb your enthusiasm 5. six feet under 6. arthur 7. the...
  16. duck soup

    twin peaks: the entire mystery blu-ray (with 90 minutes of deleted scenes from fwwm!!)

    hey twin peaks kids, get ready to drool: watch this teaser. oh my god. will pre-order this the second it becomes available.
  17. duck soup

    what do you spend your money on?

    genuinely interested in this topic, because i'm often shocked to hear what people do and don't spend their money on as for me, of course we've got the essentials: - rent - monthly transit pass for transportation (though my family usually helps me out with this one) - food (maybe go to a...
  18. duck soup

    the free for all has seen some better days

  19. duck soup

    simpsons trivia nights in your hometown

    you guys ever go to any of these? there's a bar by my apartment in toronto that does 'classic' simpsons trivia nights once a month (and i'll have you know that they include season 11) this place: missed this month's due to school being crazy, but went to last month's halloween-themed night...
  20. duck soup

    hey PatrickGaffet

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