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    what’s happening lads

    what if homer, marge, bart, lisa and (lets not forget) maggie had to self-isolate too :LOL:
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    mike reiss is doing a book
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    nhc's greatest ever threads

    board loves talking about itself. post its greatest threads in here and let's reminisce and this thread can be a hall of fame type deal.
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    the death of stalin

    kPpXFnHoC-0 i am excited to see this on friday
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    the new st vincent is stupidly good

    i have fallen in love with it, oh my god.
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    someone cool joined the staff of the Simpsons (meganamram off of Twitter)
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    what is the precise moment that marge should have left her abusive husband (homer) when was it time to ditch him
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    the good place

    this show is good lads let's talk about it
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    which of these characters most deserve their own episode

    they're all beloved regulars
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    how long would human civilisation have survived if it was like bees

    imagine every human has the power to sting somebody and then die. the pain caused by the human sting in this scenario is moderate and greater than a bee but not life threatening. how long would we have lasted if it was like bees
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    favourite false messiah

    important fun poll for me and my pals
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    adam curtis

    here he is on a podcast: VW_R98EBO7s here is a short film by him for a comedy programme: wcy8uLjRHPM here is a sort of trailer of his: PtjfoEvsR9w here is his favourite musical artist: RsF0BoJSeqA adam curtis
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    if elephants were astronauts, colonising mars would be more feasible as they're far less likely to g

    <blockquote class="twitter-tweet" data-lang="en"><p lang="en" dir="ltr">If elephants were astronauts, colonising Mars would be more feasible as they're far less likely to get cancer <a href=""></a> <a...
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    you're sent back in time to stop hitler but there's a catch!

    the only way you're allowed to stop him is by killing someone but you aren't allowed to kill hitler or any of his relatives. who do you kill?
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    communist party backed candidate in the french presidential election has launched a campaign game

    it is called fiscal kombat:
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    in defence of one direction

    harry styles new song has shades of bowie via oasis and therefore averages out to basically alright: z0GKGpObgPY "best song ever" and "that's what makes you beautiful" are also fun drunk singalong songs on par with queen's similar forays into that genre (side note: queen are the most overrated...
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    construct your perfect pizza

    this is a tinder icebreaker that i have used with some success and reviving the board is a bit like trying to have sex so i'm going to try it with you guys. the base should be thin. the cheese to sauce ratio should be heavily weighted towards cheese. if the topping is chicken, then the sauce...
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    political compass test for the 1917 russian revolution i got:
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    i think the best three television shows of all time are the following:

    1) classic simpsons 2) the twilight zone 3) the original looney tunes shorts they are all influential, perfectly crafted, accessible, have a specific voice and are extremely entertaining.