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  1. D DEBBS

    RIP: Everett 'Duckman' Peck

    I just found out on Facebook.....Everett Peck, who was my illustration teacher at Palomar College San Marcos, California in 1981 and went on to create the animated series 'Duckman' that had Jason Alexander from Seinfeld voicing the character, passed away from pancreatic cancer on June 14, 2022...
  2. D DEBBS

    My Theory Regarding Sox Lightyear!

    Everyone who k own me for eons will say, "Oh,'re being your 'Crazy Cat Lady' self!" HEAR ME OUT!!!! I believe that Sox, the cat from Lightyear, is NOT a robot cat, but rather a BIONIC cat and here's why: 1) Sox affectionately rubs his head and went between Buzz's legs when he...
  3. D DEBBS

    Another Simpsons Guest Voice Actor Has Passed Away

    Yahoo News announced Ray Liotta died in his sleep...he voiced Moe's dad.
  4. D DEBBS

    Going to have surgery next month (FUN)!!!!!

    Saw a surgeon at a medical office building yesterday....saw the huge lump on my back (called LIPOMA, which is fatty tissue under the skin) and said I need to have surgery to get all the fatty tissue out (probably next month; have to wait for all the paperwork to get processed) Yuk...not again...
  5. D DEBBS

    Medical News (Could be good or bad)

    I have problems with my upper left arm and shoulder upper left arm feels like a snake is squeezing it; my shoulder blade has pain.....went to a doctor and discovered I have a HUGE lump on my back....she says it's LIPOMA, a fatty tissue that's in the skin. She's ordering X-rays and a...
  6. D DEBBS

    Don't Be Scared When You Read This!!!!

    NHCers: On the early morning of December 23rd, I woke up with intense pain on the left side of my upper arm, which traveled to my left shoulder blade. I checked my blood pressure (my doctor gave me a monitor) twice...the first reading was 147/85 and the second was 157/86. I immediately took a...
  7. D DEBBS

    News I Wish To Share

    NHCers: Most of you have known the story of my father's sexual molestation of me.....this morning at 2:30 AM, he passed away at a hospice for Alzheimer's patients in 1/2 sister, Lorrie, called me at around 8:30 AM. I have no empathy for him; he cheated on my mother repeatedly, even...
  8. D DEBBS

    2022 Simpsons Wall Calendar

    Got it from Amazon weeks ago...while looking at the celebs whose birthdays are honored, I found out to my horror that my former community college art teacher, Everett Peck (he of Duckman fame) is in October 6..or is it 9th??? He did NOT like me and I did NOT like him....let's just say he...
  9. D DEBBS

    High School Reunions

    I went to my high school reunion on the 13th...and was disappointed: barely spoke to 4 people and spend the majority of my time standing and staring at people...I said to myself, "SCREW IT" and left...I will never plink $95 ever again....anyone else went to their reunion and was disappointed?
  10. D DEBBS

    Any Pre Diabetics?

    I found out from my doctor on July 27th that I'm pre diabetic....I have to eat small portions and in moderation....any advice out there?
  11. D DEBBS

    I'm Going To My High School Reunion!

    My 40th (!!!!!) high school reunion is on August 13th.....any of you went to yours? If so, what was it like? Just want to know.
  12. D DEBBS

    Peanuts/Wacky Races fans: model cars/airplanes from the 70s are BACK!

    As a kid, I had the 1970s Snoopy in his Sopwith Camel airplane....I bought a new one (the one I had was all broken) off eBay years ago from a fellow San Diegan, whom I met at a parking lot in Poway...he said he was happy he sold it to a Peanuts fan (I drew Snoopy in elementary school) and NOT to...
  13. D DEBBS


    I'm probably the ONLY person at NHC who has been inoculated given my age and my health....I got the 1st dosage; will get the 2nd dosage in late April. I got no effects and it was painless...barely felt the needle!
  14. D DEBBS

    Dethklok fans.....

    If you ever visited their message board on Adult Swim, their monitor is a woman who goes by Holkimcardie. Her actual name was Holly Kim Wilson...she and I are best internet gal-pals. Last week, her stepmother called me to inform me that Holly passed away....I know she had heart problems and...
  15. D DEBBS

    To My Fellow NHCers

    First off, I don't want to scare anyone when I tell you this...I've been scared enough since I got the news yesterday. Story: Friday morning when I woke up, I discovered my period's back...last time I had it was May 1st of last year. I call a toll-free nurse line: nurse told me to call my...
  16. D DEBBS

    RIP: Alex Trebek

    Just found out on Yahoo that Alex Trebek died at 80 years old. Notice that last week Sean Connery passed away? Makes me think of Celebrity Jeopardy on Saturday Night Live. "TREEEEEEEEEEEE-BEKKKKKKKK!"
  17. D DEBBS

    RIP: Eddie Van Halen 1955-2020

    Just found out on Yahoo News....his son announced it this morning.
  18. D DEBBS

    Any Criminal Lawyers? (I need advice)

    Here's the story: My former boss, Judy, told me last week that her daughter-in-law, Casey, cheated on her husband (Judy's son) Drew....Casey had an affair with a client (Casey and Drew ran a group home for people with psychological problems) Drew was about to divorce Casey...unfortunately...
  19. D DEBBS

    RIP: Kirk Douglas, aka Chester J Lampwick

    Just saw it on Yahoo News....103 years old!!!
  20. D DEBBS

    My Best Friends....and yours?

    TERRY LOU HINTON-SIMPSON (Yes, her name IS Simpson!) December 12 1962-September 27, 2018 Last week would have been Terry's 57th birthday....I have not heard from her in years, but she did have a Facebook account and her last entry was in 2014. I looked at her Friends List and noticed a name I...