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  1. HRH Sir Prince Charles

    Help Get Phil Hartman on Canada's Walk of Fame

    Phil's brother has been campaigning for years to get him recognized (while such luminaries as the grandma from Happy Gilmore and, uh, some random super model have gotten the honor instead)... this year looks like his best chance ever. So those of you in Canada, go vote. And those of you not in...
  2. HRH Sir Prince Charles

    Create Your Classic Season 10

    I've kicked around an idea for this thread for over a year now, and I finally just did it. Ground rules: Please no complaining about the definition of "classic"... if you like Scully or Jean just as much, cool. But for the purposes of this thread the classic era is seasons 1-9 Seasons should...
  3. HRH Sir Prince Charles

    help with a screencap

    I'm trying to find a screencap of the "Parliament-haus der Austr(al)ia" shot from Bart vs Australia. Any help would be mucho appreciato
  4. HRH Sir Prince Charles

    Rate & Review: The Silence of the Clamps

  5. HRH Sir Prince Charles

    Alas my ship, whom I love like a woman, is... disabled

    just post some epic lines plz
  6. HRH Sir Prince Charles

    R&R: A Head In The Polls

    Definite contender for my favorite episode of the series. Every joke hits, it stands up incredibly well to repeat viewings and Nixon is just gold in every scene. All of his lines work so well... every time I watch this one, a new one makes me crack up. Really, the entire Head Museum sequence is...
  7. HRH Sir Prince Charles

    We're Talkin' Baseball...

    This is my most annoying continuity error, even though it's probably more of a minor nitpick. In Dancing Homer, the Isotopes are clearly shown to play at Springfield War Memorial Stadium. Later on, they're shown to play in Duff Stadium. This one doesn't bother me so much because War...
  8. HRH Sir Prince Charles

    R&R: Future Stock

    I know this episode is fairly polarizing, and I can see some of it's flaws (plot heavy, relies almost too much on the 80's jokes, etc.), but it has to be in my top 10 for the series. It has some of the funniest moments ever, and it was way ahead of the curve with the 80's nostalgia. That Guy is...