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  1. Lisa Lionheart

    Kirk Van Houten accessory

    What is the white and blue accessory that comes with Kirk Van Houten figure?
  2. Lisa Lionheart

    Treehouse Bart

    Is is me or does Treehouse Bart look either drunk or constipated?
  3. Lisa Lionheart


    I need to clean my figures and playsets, but I am afraid of damaging the paint. Can any suggest a good cleaning solution? :)
  4. Lisa Lionheart

    Simpsons "Munsters" custom

    A friend of mine told me a few weeks ago that he saw a custom made set of The Simpons family as "The Munsters" on Ebay. Does any know who the creator was? Does anyone have a picture?
  5. Lisa Lionheart

    Life Imitating Art

    Have any of you ever noticed a satirical situation on The Simpons actually happening afterwards in real life? Example: In episode 3F20 “Much Apu About Nothing” a bear wonders into Springfield and everyone over-reacts. Kent Brockman does a special report from the Channel 6 newscopter and...
  6. Lisa Lionheart

    Thoh 2002

    Does anyone have a summary/pic for this year's Treehouse of Horror episode? (Last year's promo posters were really cool)
  7. Lisa Lionheart

    "Homer at the Bat" due date?

    Is the release date for "Homer at the Bat" still June 2002? Should I be on the look out for it already? :uhh:
  8. Lisa Lionheart

    Did the Moe's Petition Work?

    Like many of you, I signed the 'Moe's Tavern' petition. Do you think it had any influence in the decision to produce the set - or - do you think they planned all along to release the set late in the line in order to renew interest in the figures?
  9. Lisa Lionheart

    Maude Flanders?

    FOX seems to be patching up their riff with Maggie Roswell (she is doing the voice of Maude Flanders in this year's Halloween episode). So, if she agrees - do you think they should make a Maude Flanders figure? (I know she is dead now, but the WOS Line encompasses the entire history of the...
  10. Lisa Lionheart

    Chub Chub

    Jub Jub The Springfield DMV with Selma includes Jub Jub! That lizard rules!
  11. Lisa Lionheart

    Sherri & Terri

    Which one is Sherri and which is Terri? (one has her mouth open and the other is closed)
  12. Lisa Lionheart

    Series 8 in NYC

    The TRU flagship store in Times Square just put out the series 8 figures (no playsets yet). Get them while you can!
  13. Lisa Lionheart


    I display my figures openly, but I've noticed that they seem to attract a massive amount of dust - (and it is a bitch to clean 50 figures and 13 playsets frequently). Now I know the obvious solution would be to get enclosed display shelves, but I can't afford to buy new furniture right now...
  14. Lisa Lionheart

    Episode Themed Series

    Does anyone know if the Episode Themed figures (Homer at Bat and Deep Space Homer) can be posed or they stuck in the position I see in the pictures? Also, are they the same size as the other WOS figures?
  15. Lisa Lionheart

    Why are Wavs retired?

    This may sound like a dumb question, but I've never collected figures before (I buy the WOS line because I love the show), anyway... Why do manufactures stop making one Wav when the next one comes out? I've seen people looking at Wav 6 or 7 in the store and saying that they'd love to collect...
  16. Lisa Lionheart

    Really exploring The Simpons

    Earlier today there was a thread (now closed) titled "Ned's Wang", now I admit the title is crude, but as the thread progressed, it wasn't really about Ned Flander's private parts, it was about the use of overt nudity/sexuality on the show. I think the thread could have explored some...
  17. Lisa Lionheart

    Removable Eye Glasses

    The eye glasses on Smithers, Flanders and Devil Flanders are removable. At first, I thought this was really cool.. but now that I've had the figures for a while, I'm finding it sort of annoying. Every time I (or one of my friends) takes a figure out of my display, the glasses almost always...
  18. Lisa Lionheart

    Simpsons Fanfest

    Did anyone here go to that "Simpsons Fanfest" convention in California about two years ago? Does anyone know if another is planned? I heard the first one was a bit of a wash-out (lame exhibits, high prices etc.), but if they'd learn from their mistakes and have another one, I'd definitely go...
  19. Lisa Lionheart

    Series 1 Celebs in NYC

    If you are looking for Series 1 Celebrity figures in New York City - the TRU in Times Square has a bunch of them! Happy Hunting! :lisa:
  20. Lisa Lionheart

    Favorite Series 1 Celebrity

    I just bought all three Series 1 Celebrity figures and they are awesome! It was a difficult choice but I would have to say that 'Troy McClure' is my favorite! -- but the way 'Fat Tony' holds his cigar is too cool!