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    Homer's File Photo's and Lifelong dreams

    Hello all, This is not a trivia question but a request for information. Does anyone know of all the instances where Homer would say that his life long dream was to for example go to clown college and Marge would then say that he did his life long dream and it was to visit the largest toilet...
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    THis has probably been discussed ad nauseum but I am curious, I live in the Philadelphia area, (NJ actually). Fox shows the same damn episodes constantly. Which is about 10 episodes. I am not exaggerating. The tennis court one, the food critic, simpons safari, new kids on the blech, bart on...
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    Glow in the dark homer on ebay

    check out the price on this figure, gotta be a misprint!
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    Syndication episodes 7/8

    I live in the Philly area (NJ actually) and the two episodes they showed were New Kids on the Blecch and Simpsons Safari. Probably the two worst Simpsons episodes ever made. It was the first time I refused to watch a Simpsons episode.
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    Springfield Isotopes Cap

    Does anyone know where I can find a Springfield Isotope baseball cap, preferably on the internet.
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    SideShow Bob Playset

    Just wondering if anyone has had a problem with the Sideshow Bob Figure. I dont know if it is the weight of his hair or a problem with the figure but he is leaning back and wont stand up straight.
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    Comic Book Guy from Wizardworld

    I recently received my boxing homers after waiting 4 months but still haven't received CBG. I sent an email to wizardworld, jen and another contact that was posted on this site. I haven't heard a response from anyone. Does anyone have an idea when they are supposed to send these figures out...
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    I am curious to know if anyone has had problems ordering from WizardWorld. I have placed two orders of the exclusives (Boxing Homer and Comic Store Guy), months ago, I have sent numerous emails about the status and they keep telling me that the order will be processed and sent out, the last...
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    Dr Hibbert

    I have a bet with my fiancee concerning DR Hibbert's brother, I say that Bleeding Gums Murphy is Dr. Hibbert's long lost brother, she says that I am full of it, who is right? And please respond by saying the Weave is right or Nancy is right Thanks,
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    Hank Azaria's characters going bye bye

    My fiancee claims she heard on the radio that due to Hank Azaria getting his own show he will no longer be involved with the Simpsons. Can anyone verify this or did anyone else hear this? Maybe she was just trying to give me a coronary, without his characters there isn't much of a show.