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  1. mr. broom

    Jokes We Don't Get

    Post here to ask questions about jokes on the show that you don't understand or want some clarification on. Rules: 1) Only post questions or answers. Don't post just to say thanks for an answer or to agree with someone else's post--this kind of thread gets big fast and we don't want a lot of...
  2. mr. broom

    The proliferation of pathetic characters

    Gil Kirk Van Houten Milhouse Skinner Willie Moe Barney Krusty, to a lesser degree This isn't a complete list. My question--why has the show got so many characters whose lives are full of failure and embarrassment? Sure, they vary it up a little sometimes (Barney sobers up, Skinner gets...
  3. mr. broom

    Simpsons Jokes that We Don't Get

    This is a thread for posting lines or Jokes in "The Simpsons" that you don't understand. Only legitimate requests for information, please, and insulting people for not getting a so-called "obvious" joke will not be tolerated. If need be, such posts will simply be deleted. This is a very...
  4. mr. broom

    Return of Kwyjibo

    To those who are unfamiliar: just fill in the kwyjibos. 1)The finger thing means the kwyjibo. 2)There's enough kwyjibo for everyone! 3)Come quick! There's a kwyjibo-looking kid over there. 4)Heh. Nobody ever says kwyjibo. 5)It's kwyjibo in here, boy. 6) least until I can get my hands on...
  5. mr. broom

    Who Said It II: Electric Boogaloo

    You know the drill. Who said it? 1) I know we're all scared and horny. 2) What button? 3) That's not for doggies. 4) You got another one in you, Josh? 5) Let Arby's worry about it. 6) Chicken necks? 7) Sock puppets! 8) You just splash him back.
  6. mr. broom

    Because the World Needs Another Who Said It

    Here's a twist on the oft-used Who Said It. For this you must provide both the speaker and the specific person being spoken to, if any. *1) Premium! (JLJ) *2) Can't you read? Call the police! (JLJ & Prof. Frink13) *3) Who wants Fig Newtons? Hydrox? (Sex Cauldron) *4) It's called "rocking out"...
  7. mr. broom

    Who said it? Your mom.

    *1) Ah, Delmonte. --Fernando Vidal (Skittlebrau) *2) <gasp> A cherry! --Apu (Skittlebrau) *3) That was ten minutes ago! --Horst (Skittlebrau) *4) Aw, raspberries. --Bart (Skittlebrau) *5) Well, that's the end of me. --Duff owner (jim) *6) Smell you later forever! --Ralph (The Frinkonator) *7) I...
  8. mr. broom

    "Burns Verkaufen Der Kraftwerk" Trivia

    Incidentally, a friend of mine who is German says that it should be "Burns Verkaufen Das Kraftwerk" to be correct German. 1) Who does Homer tell to "sock it to 'em"? 2) How long does Homer spend in his chocolate fantasy? 3) Who is the only one who appears to take the news of the plant's sale...
  9. mr. broom

    "Two Bad Neighbors" trivia

    1) What words/phrases does Homer rhyme with "Hey, big spender"? 2) What is the prankster's Bible? 3) How many times does George Bush spank Bart? 4) Why won't Homer part with his anti-Ayatollah T-shirt? 5) What did the CIA teach George Bush? 6) Why does Bush have to say about losing the 1992...
  10. mr. broom

    "Homer the Heretic" trivia

    Here's an ep most people know. Let's see if I can make it hard enough to stump the people who don't go to SNPP before posting trivia answers (if you do this, I don't like you). 1) How many Jewish clowns were killed at their last convention? 2) Where was it held? 3) Who's the only character to...
  11. mr. broom

    Burns trivia

    Here's my attempt to make trivia that's hard enough not to be solved in three posts. :p 1) What's the brand name of the snow globes Burns smashes in the "Bobo" parody of "Citizen Kane"? 2) When Homer pretends to be Burns' mother on the phone in "Homer the Smithers", what does he call Mr. Burns...
  12. mr. broom

    "Lemon of Troy" trivia

    1) What was the name of Jebediah Springfield's cousin-marrying friend who decided to start his own town. 2) Why did they choose to plant a lemon tree, specifically? 3) What's the past tense of 'squeeze' according to Millhouse? 4) What has absolutely no lemon in it whatsoever? 5) What are the...
  13. mr. broom

    "You Only Move Twice" trivia

    1) What kind of chipmunk does Lisa encounter on her nature walk? 2) What two items does the teacher ask the Leg-Up Program kids to take out? 3) What does she hope they'll finish their work on that day? 4) Who does Hank Scorpio have confined to a table to which is pointed a deadly laser beam? 5)...
  14. mr. broom

    Fighting Hellfish episode trivia

    1) What did young Burns get busted down to private for? 2) What did Sgt. Simpson say before he tried to shoot Adolf Hitler? 3) What brand of canned peas is Abe eating in the photo Burns faxes to the assassin? 4) What does Burns call the fax machine? 5) What does Burns thank Bart not to do when...
  15. mr. broom

    El Viaje Misterioso de Nuestro Homer

    In this episode, 1) What is the three-letter personals designation pf the ad Homer calls for a soul mate? 2) The pyramid in Homer's vision was really a _______. 3) The talking coyote was just a _______. 4) Who played the talking coyote? 5) Who does Wiggum say that Homer thinks he is? 6) What is...
  16. mr. broom

    You Only Move Twice

    This episode is my personal favorite, and I'm far from alone on this. The SNPP capsule: In the eight season opener, Homer's new job moves the Simpsons to an idyllic planned community. But his new, easygoing boss (voice of Albert Brooks) has some trouble with the government. Homer's boss, Hank...
  17. mr. broom

    Happy Birthday at 742 Evergreen Terrace

    From the Unle John's Bathroom Reader Calendar: Monday, December 17, 2001 In 1987, Fox TV approached Matt Groening about animating his comic strip, "Life in Hell." The catch: Fox demanded all marketing rights to the characters. Groening was already making a good living licensing the "Life in...
  18. mr. broom

    Lisa the Confused?

    In Lisa the Skeptic, li'l Lisa refuses to believe in heaven, angels, and possibly even God. In Homer Steals Cable, Lisa wants to keep her family out of hell. In the Easter episode, Lisa is the only one in the family who ascends to heaven in the Rapture (though Homer yanks her back down: "Where...
  19. mr. broom

    Who Likes Anagrams? Well, tough!

    A couple of jumbles for you. They're all character last names. 1)aaiztrnma 2)orovhe 3)eclcrum 4)lrrietwglei 5)gmiwgu 6)okskvuyrts 7)laysskz 8)zmntu 9)nnethauvo 10)cipern
  20. mr. broom

    Immigrant Characters

    Which immigrant character is your favorite? There are probably more than ten, but this poll won't go over ten. If he/she isn't on the list, reply. I'm only going by characters who are definitely from abroad--Yes, Grampa Simpson is technically an immigrant, but it's not vital to his character...