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    You're on a desert island..

    You Only Move Twice. I've already seen it about 50 times, but I will never, ever get tired of that one. Last Exit to Springfield would be the second, if for some reason YOMT was disqualified. HM
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    Funny things that Grampa Simpson did.

    Grampa: OK, I admit it, you found me! I AM the Lindburgh baby! Wah! Wah! I miss my fly-fly da-da! Friday: Are you stalling us or just senile? Grampa: A little from column A; A little from column B. HM
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    READ---simpsons now a "sex comedy"

    No help from the Helper Monkey on this one. George, if you don't know, here's hoping you don't ever find out. HM
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    Best quotes for The Sprigfield Files

    No time for you, old man! HM
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    Apparently, the Simpsons Gene also gives a propensity towards Monkey-Eating

    I'm with Tibor. Everything can be improved with the addition of monkeys. Especially foodstuffs. :D Writers, keep those monkey jokes coming! HM
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    Simpsons on TV!

    Inside the Actors Studio BRAVO Sun, Feb 9, 2003 7:00 PM "The Simpsons" The Simpsons. Talk, TVPG, CC Just saw this in the schedule. I wonder if they will have the whole cast. Could be fascinating. Bravo is pretty dumb for running it at the same time as the show, though. HM EDIT: All times...
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    Rename the simpsons

    The Impsons HM "Bad luck for the.... Impson family!"
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    Some poor episode choice taste...

    Oh, so some good WOULD actually come of that. :D HM EDIT: that would be the banning of "Rocket Man," BTW. I had hoped my post would be next to it. Ah, well. HM
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    The Simpsons are Going to Toronto...again!

    They have done these readings before at comedy festivals, most recently in July of 2002 in Montreal. No, they aren't costumed. Every single review I have ever read about them has been effusively positive. It sounds like a very cool way to "see" the show, especially when Dan or Hank is...
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    Funniest Quotes From......Homer vs Patty and Selma

    Selma: Say "I am Homer, the lowly dog." Homer: I am Homer... Selma: In a dog's voice! HM
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    Every episode rated!! Ohhhh yeah!!

    Heh. Wow. Thanks for the explanation. And to think I was just kidding. I stand in quiet awe of your well-reasoned list. :standing in quiet awe: HM
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    The "Why Is That Episode Called That?" Thread

    Magi: MADJ-eye Blecch: BLEK Why are they the worst titles ever? They both make perfect sense within the context of the episode. HM
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    Every episode rated!! Ohhhh yeah!!

    I agree with you on every single episode. Except "War of the Simpsons" should be moved from B to B+. How could you rate it so low!? I'm sorry, but this makes your list totally invalid. HM
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    Classic Simpson Moments

    Homer: I just got the invitations back for my barbeque! Lisa (reading): Come to my BBBQ. The extra "B" is for BYOBB. Bart: What's that extra "B" for? Homer: That's a typo. Makes me laugh even when I just think about it. HM
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    Best Musical Number on the Show

    Ah, the softball song! That's my favorite. I was going to cast another vote for "see my vest" until magwumperx reminded me of the real best song. HM
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    Things we notice...

    I see that over 20 people have looked at this already. I don't download eps, but many of you do. Could someone find a framegrab and post it so we can all see what SSB323 is talking about? HM
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    What was the first episode of SIMPSONS you saw/remember seeing

    First Episode: Simpsons Roasting on an Open Fire Age: 17 It was my senior year of high school, and everyone watched. I started taping episodes in season two and have always regretted not getting season one (until the DVDs came out). I know I saw a few shorts from Tracy Ullman, but I hated the...
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    Rate & Review: "Special Edna" (EABF02)

    Huh. Hans, which jokes did you find "cheesy"? Don't say "all of them". I just don't understand how you could not have found humor in this episode. Yes, boogers in a desk is very juvenile. Bart is in 4th grade. Have you spoken to a fourth-grader lately? What did you want him to do, write a...
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    The "Which Episode Was That From?" Thread

    Re: mother simpson jokes. From SNPP: Grandma: {Oh, I had help from my friends in the underground. Jerry Reuben (actually Jerry Rubin) gave me a job marketing his line of health shakes, I proofread Bobby Seale's cookbook, and I ran credit checks at Tom Hayden's Porsche dealership.} All are...
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    Rate & Review: "Special Edna" (EABF02)

    Classic. Actually, classic might be too strong of a tag for a new episode, but I laughed all the way through. The only things that I was disappointed about were the jokes that appeared in the previews, and then only because I thought they would have been better enjoyed within the flow of the...