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    Homer's File Photo's and Lifelong dreams

    Hello all, This is not a trivia question but a request for information. Does anyone know of all the instances where Homer would say that his life long dream was to for example go to clown college and Marge would then say that he did his life long dream and it was to visit the largest toilet...
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    Favorite Grandpa Simpson quotes

    Homer- We leave the kids with you for 3 hours and the county takes them away? Grandpa- Oh bitch, bitch, bitch.
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    Florence, NJ (south of trenton)
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    THis has probably been discussed ad nauseum but I am curious, I live in the Philadelphia area, (NJ actually). Fox shows the same damn episodes constantly. Which is about 10 episodes. I am not exaggerating. The tennis court one, the food critic, simpons safari, new kids on the blech, bart on...
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    Llewellyn Sinclair & Cooder DID YOU GET YOURS?

    Does anyone know what the shipping charges were? I received a card saying that I did not include the proper amount, of course they didnt indicate what that amount happended to be.
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    Glow in the dark homer on ebay
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    Glow in the dark homer on ebay

    check out the price on this figure, gotta be a misprint!
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    Blackboard cutoff gags

    my fav was "Pork is not a verb" Classic.
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    Favorite Moleman/Nelson Qoutes

    Nelson- Hey German boy go back to Germania!
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    Favorite "THOH" quote

    Homer- Lousy Smarch weather, BRRR!! Principal Skinner- Twelve dollars for doorknob repair. All- Nay Principal Skinner- Recharging of fire extinguishers, this is a free service from the fire dept. All-Nay Willie- UGGGH, HELP ME, PLEASE Skinner- Willie please, Mr. Van Houten has the floor. Kirk-...
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    Moe's Bar Pic !!!!!

    Is it just me or do the playsets seem alot smaller?
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    fav burns quote

    Ralph- Your it! Burns- We'll see about that, after him Smithers! (sound of screeching wheels of car in pursuit) Ralph- AHHHHHHHHHH, Your not it! Answering the phone: Ahoi, hoy When he is yelling at Don Mattingly to shave his sideburns is a truly classic moment ending with him calling him a...
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    Couch Scenes

    I like the one where they fall upon sitting on the couch and Nelson comes from behind the couch saying "HA HA"
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    how much have u ever paid for a figure

    my fiancee paid $150.00 for GITDH in May.
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    Syndication episodes 7/8

    Anything that include N'suck and has ralph wiggum singing is not a good episode in my book
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    Syndication episodes 7/8

    I live in the Philly area (NJ actually) and the two episodes they showed were New Kids on the Blecch and Simpsons Safari. Probably the two worst Simpsons episodes ever made. It was the first time I refused to watch a Simpsons episode.
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    Ralph quotes

    THANKS, Psychenfuego!
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    Ralph quotes

    That's where I saw the leprechun, he told me to burn things. Does anyone now where I can get a wav file of this quote?
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    Hidden Things in Episodes

    I remember the episode where Lisa is a babysitter. She has to take Bart to the hospital but ends up at Doctor Nicks. I remember Smithers waiting in line, standing up and quite uncomfortable and it implied (to me anyway) that he was injured in some form of homosexual activity.
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    Scenes they cut out

    In "Worst Episode Ever" they cut out the part where CBG thanks Homer for ratting out Bart and Milhouse trying to get back into the store and hands him a fin for the tip. I will never understand why they would cut it out, it was pretty funny. Another thing about that episode, the thought of CBG...