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  1. Szyslak100

    Compile your top10 animated episodes of all time

    Inspired by the annual best/worst animated episodes thread, I thought it could be really interesting to make an all-time list. I can't realize if it'd be funnier if we put a restriction of one episose by show or not, so whatever, let's make it with no conditions. Just compile the 10 best...
  2. Szyslak100

    I wanted to write a farewell letter before I go.

    (And I do it in The Simpsons section because it's where people who I talked with is more active, but feel free to move it if you think it's more pertinent) I prefer to be honest with you guys, this is a very hard moment for me, but absolutely necessary and it's something I wish I did much time...
  3. Szyslak100

    Should we remake the consensus ratings of the forum for The Simpsons episodes?

    Long story short: I am looking for users to rate every episode of The Simpsons and "reset" the consensus ratings of the episodes by the nohomers society. But, since I am not sure if it will get positive reactions or if it will be considered the stupidest idea of the world, I'd like to explain...
  4. Szyslak100

    Annie awards 2021 - Nominations

    Nobody did a thread about it when the nominations were announced so I thought I should make one. Best General Audience Animated Television/Broadcast Production - Close Enough, Episode: Logan’s Run’d/Room Parents, Cartoon Network Studios - Genndy Tartakovsky’s Primal, Episode: Coven Of The...
  5. Szyslak100

    What is your favorite character design for a Treehouse of Horror?

    I have had thirty-one days of October to create a thread about Halloween but the idea came up in November first because that is how my brain worms. Anyway, I was wondering what is the best character design presented on Halloween. There are a lot of terrific ones throughout the series. You can...
  6. Szyslak100

    How would have been historically the Emmy Awards if the fans would vote?

    After my disappointment with the Emmys, came to mind the next question: how would be that kind of awards if people vote instead of a Jury that probably never watch animated shows? Well, I decided to start a little experiment compiling possible results. The source, of course, was IMDb. Yeah...
  7. Szyslak100

    How would have been your perfect timeline of showrunners?

    I've read a lot of people affirming that the Jean era stretched way too long and I agree with that statement. So, I wondered when he should have taken the throne and when to leave it, and who should have replaced him after. It's a tough exercise, I know, it also has a lot of speculation. But I...
  8. Szyslak100

    Characters, places, marks, and miscellaneous incorporated after the classic era

    We can affirm that the universe of The Simpsons was created in season one, and perfected in seasons two and three. The rest of the classic seasons lift up many modifications and lots of acquisitions that are rooted in our minds even if they were not insinuated and developed in the first three...
  9. Szyslak100

    Would you like the show more if it was more detailed and aware of the continuity?

    I've just read this post of Dark Homer in little things you noticed in your millionth watch: And I made myself this question. The fans of a show really appreciate those details –even if I never realized that one in Life On the Fast Lane– but The Simpsons writers never cared so much about this...
  10. Szyslak100

    Rating and reviewing some episodes of Family Guy

    I pass a great time writing reviews. But I am getting repetitive writing about BoJack Horseman because the worst I can write about that show is something like: "it is fantastic, but no one of the show's best". I will keep doing those because I am fascinated with BoJack and it is a pleasure to...
  11. Szyslak100

    Is this a good abridged version of Family Guy?

    So, as you may know, I've never seen Family Guy except for its crossover with The Simpsons. But I wanted to give a shot to the show since watching it with the pertinent predisposition could be interesting. I am not interested in watching the worst offers of this show, so I tried to compile the...
  12. Szyslak100

    What are the best licensed songs we've heard on the show?

    Came to mind this question yesterday when I found an incomplete yet interesting playlist in Spotify composed by the songs that sounded in The Simpsons. My two favorites songs, Every Breath You Take by Sting and Viva La Vida by Coldplay can be overheard in I'm Dancing as Fat as I Can and Million...
  13. Szyslak100

    Let's shorten the entire show in a single season of 30 episodes.

    I always wanted to try out something like this. Thirty different categories, regarding who the protagonist is, the thematic of the episode, its style, its genre, or other random features that I thought could be funny. I also reserved two spots where there are no rules (so you can include an...
  14. Szyslak100

    What do you think of the Emmy winning/nominated/submitted episodes list?

    I look at the list and I feel it's kind of unbelievable. The classic era with the same awards as the Scully era. Weird winners like Trash of Titans, Three Gays of the Condo, and Mad About the Toy. Few episodes I'd consider the best of their respective seasons. Brick Like Me unfairly being the...
  15. Szyslak100

    Hurt N' Heal: Emmy Winning/Nominated/Submitted Episodes

    There are a lot of episodes so, +2/-3 every four hours. Simpsons Roasting on an Open Fire [10] Life on the Fast Lane [10] Homer vs. Lisa and the Eighth Commandment [10] Radio Bart [10] A Streetcar Named Marge [10] Mr. Plow [10] The Last Temptation of Homer [10] Lisa's Wedding [10] Treehouse of...
  16. Szyslak100

    Episodes that are prequels or sequels of older episodes.

    I was thinking about this when The Way of the Dog aired and I postponed the thread for some reason. Anyhow, here it is. Let's establish three criteria to make a list: 1. The newer episode could not exist without the older. 2. The newer episode must have told a story intrinsically related to the...
  17. Szyslak100

    Rating and Reviewing every episode of BoJack Horseman.

    It's time for another series. And what's better than this masterpiece of a show. Let's see how it goes. As always, if you want to try it for yourself or accompany it with feedback, I appreciate it and you are welcomed!
  18. Szyslak100

    How was Season 31?

    Use this thread to write down your final analysis of the season, to post your thoughts, or to share your final ranking of episodes, or whatever you want!
  19. Szyslak100


    It's time to share the results of this untold contest. Every Treehouse of Horror segment ranked from worst to best. I must thank to the nine participants for submit your lists. Tomacco, Financial Panther, The B, GlitterCat...
  20. Szyslak100

    What is your opinion about musicals in general?

    Okay, let me explain. I am not asking about musical moments (See My Vest, We Put the Spring in Springfield, Everybody Hates Ned Flanders), I am not asking about episodes about music (Homer's Barbershop Quartet, That 90s Show), and I am not asking about episodes where the characters necessarily...