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    the king of kings usergroup (reigning kings of the nhc: kevin & ryan o)

    Here I was feeling good about hitting 20k this year. Ouch
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    Scheduled NHC Downtime for Significant Upgrade: May 27th through June 1st

    Not here - I just had a dropdown for 25, 50, 75, or 100 stats per category, but still just the three categories Also I accidentally disabled the stats. It says To re-enable them use "Enable Top Statistics" option in "Quick Links" menu. This is not an option in my Quick Links. Li'l help
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    [citation needed]
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    Oh, say that again
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    NHC avatars

    Unless Eric is prepared to have a couple hundred new avatars we may need to arrange a cull
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    NHC avatars

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    Yeah, that's been revealed

    Yeah, that's been revealed
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    NHC avatars

    That took more cleaning up than I felt like doing today
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    NHC avatars

    I'm heavily medicated so that's okay
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    NHC avatars

    Yeah someone go that year-end wrap-up tones did where he put all his avatars in a row. Lot of worthy material to be had
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    I prefer this to the previous topic
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    Toy Story 3

    And one of the few new characters who's worthy of being on the cover of anything. Putting Barbie and Ken on it seems kind of silly
  15. mr. broom

    Gnomeo and Juliet

    in somebody's grave, anyway
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    Are There Too Many CGI Animated Movies Nowadays?

    Stupid question. CG isn't being done because it's a fad. It's being done because it's a way to make visually interesting and engaging animation, which is a valid reason. CG isn't like 3-D, which is a fad and contributes little to nothing to a film A slightly more reasonable question (though...
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    Gnomeo and Juliet

  18. mr. broom

    Cars 2

    Self-answering question Seriously, though, that sounds awful
  19. mr. broom

    Spider-Man (1994-1998)

    cgN0g4vqYMg Supercheese from my childhood. Rather like the 1994 series, which was supercheese from my adolescence