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    Volume 6 DVD/Blu-Ray Thread

    NO IT ISN'T TOO EARLY. Announcement: From elsewhere:
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    Article: Writers reveal six jokes you probably missed I knew about most of these, but a few are surprisingly obscure...I'd never noticed the Grover Cleveland thing at all. A good little read.
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    Futurama MONOPOLY

    Because every existing license must eventually have one. You get to vote on the 7th token and stuff. Could be neat.
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    Futurama in Other Media

    Thought this should be posted somewhere, but I didn't think it deserved a thread by itself and none of the others seemed to work for it. So I'm blatantly making an excuse. SUCK IT.
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    Futurama in 8-Bit Neat.
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    Futurama Volume 5 DVD and Blu Ray (December 21st)

    Oh hi dudes. Episodes to be included (for those that don't know): "Rebirth" "In-A-Gadda-Da-Leela" "Attack of the Killer App" "Proposition Infinity" "The Duh-Vinci Code" "Lethal Inspection" "The Late Philip J. Fry" "That Darn Katz!" "A...
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    The "which episode" thread

    Okay, I'm primarily just using this for my own purposes, but I figure this place could probably use such a thread anyway (and this was better than a whole thread to ask one question). When you can't think of what episode a scene or joke is in....ask it here. MY VERY IMPORTANT QUESTION: I've...
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    Effect of commercials on the show

    So, I've been thinking recently about quitting watching the show....that is, quitting watching it on tv. I stopped watching syndication ages ago, but now I'm finding it harder and harder to actually sit through the show and specifically the nine goddamn minutes of commercials that Fox crams...
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    "Meet the Geeks" (Jean and David Cohen article) Neat little article. Cohen does more of the talking. But they talk about working with Stephen Hawking, and Jean drops a detail about an upcoming episode (which I'm thinking might be this year's season finale, since it involves baseball).
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    Groening confirms Futurama movies

    I already posted this in GD, but it deserves a place here too since this is big news. pussy pussy pussy
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    Matt Groening interview in The Onion's A.V. Club

    There's some interesting stuff here. The best is the Futurama talk (just read'll make any Futurama fan grin, believe me), but he also addresses the percieved feud with Family Guy, his favorite bootleg Simpsons merchandise, and even John Swartzwelder's political opinions, among other...
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    Best Simpsons Pinball Machine

    For those that have played both, which of the two games did you prefer? The original from 1990, or the 2003 Pinball Party? For those who might not remember/know the difference:
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    Lisas song on episode Last Exit to Springfield

    It's original. If it seems familiar, that's because it emulates the style of many similar folk songs. But the song itself is original to the episode. For future reference, questions like this should go in the Q&A Thread at the top of the page. Welcome to the boards!
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    Simpsons game controllers? (News item) Sadly, third party controllers usually blow, or at least aren't as good as the first party ones. Plus I'm not exactly sure what The Simpsons would have to do with game controllers and memory cards. Still, if done right they could create some...
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    "48 Year Old Mom is Behind the Popular Cartoon Character"

    Pretty good article here that I saw in the paper today. Not a whole lot seasoned Simpsons nerds here won't already know, though it does essentially confirm the suspicions here that Cartwright was told not to discuss the movie anymore.
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    The Boondocks reviews/discussion thread

    The actual rate/review threads seemed to be getting relatively little traffic, and no one's started one for the latest episode, so I thought I'd just start one thread for the show for all discussion and reviewing. Hopefully this will get a little more activity, if there's enough people here...
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    R&R The Boondocks-"Guess Hoe's Coming to Dinner"

    Not sure what the interest is in this show so far, but for now, rate and review as usual.
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    Rate and Review: The Boondocks pilot

    So tonight this show premieres on Adult Swim. After the show, rate and review it. If I recall right, the episode is titled "The Trial of R. Kelly". (Edit: It's "Garden Party". The R. Kelly episode will air the following week).
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    Joel Cohen article

    Joel Cohen article, including a little (I think) new info: He also talks a bit about the Family Guy/Simpsons feud among other things.
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    Article: "Don't Vote for Mr. Burns!"

    Okay, this has to be one of the weirdest Simpsons articles I've ever seen: