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  1. lovedartsandsimpsons

    How should The Simpsons have handled the Apu controversy?

    I think the issue isn't just that the show has lost its radicalism, but that the circumstances have changed. The 'classic era' worked so well because it challenged the prevailing religious right/conservative consensus of the time - 'Just Say No', rampant homophobia and everyone and their pets...
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    Breaking Bad

    Episode titles and (hilariously vague) descriptions for 5B have been released, along with a few new pics. Nothing too spoiler-ish here, but obviously avoid if you want to know as little as possible...
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    Nielsen Ratings for Classic Seasons?

    Bart Gets an F was (I believe) the highest-rated episode of all-time. Let's be thankful that it wasn't Another Simpsons Clip Show.
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    R&R: "Moaning Lisa"

    First of a number of "Lisa and her emotions" episodes that all leave a similar impression and yet still work. This one isn't the best (that honor goes to Lisa's Substitute imo) but it's good nonetheless. 4/5.
  5. lovedartsandsimpsons

    Do you feel "dirty" or "wrong" when you enjoy an episode from a post-classic season?

    Not really. Why should I? Should I feel "dirty" or "wrong" if I don't enjoy a classic era episode?
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    Ask Simpsons Questions Here (Jokes We Don't Get, Which Episode, etc.)

    Thanks. Probably one of my favorite running gags.
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    Who's worst? Barack Obama or George W. Bush

    Woodrow Wilson. He defeated Theodore Roosevelt and William Howard Taft in the 1912 election. Re-elected against Charles Evans Hughes in 1916. He was indeed a racist prick - liked "The Birth of a Nation". Various important reforms were made during his Presidency. Suffered stroke in 1919...
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    Who's worst? Barack Obama or George W. Bush

    Well of course the leaders (rightly or wrongly) get the credit for major military achievements. That's a fact of history. Roosevelt, Churchill and Eisenhower are thought of as the primary heroes of World War Two, George Bush Senior, Colin Powell and Norman Schwarzkopf are thought of as the...
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    Ask Simpsons Questions Here (Jokes We Don't Get, Which Episode, etc.)

    Did the "Mr. Burns can't remember who Homer is" joke ever reappear after "Who Shot Mr Burns?"?
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    Best Sideshow Bob Episode?

    It's gotta be Cape Feare. None of the others even really come close imo.
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    Who's worst? Barack Obama or George W. Bush

    Bush. It's pretty strange that (some) conservatives still defend him, even though many of his policies went against their professed ideals (deficit spending being the most obvious). But some liberals are guilty of the same thing with regards to Obama and Afghanistan, so hey.
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    The Prediction Game

    No. Next person lives in Australia?
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    RIP Roger Ebert

    :( As recently as yesterday I was reading reviews of his. RIP.
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    Voice Actor that Sounds Most Like their Main Character?

    Smith with Kavner a close second. Didn't Smith voice the old lady across the street in a couple of early episodes? I don't recall how similar she sounded to Smith's real voice though.
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    Group of Six

    1. Tom Hanks 2. Jon Lovitz 3. Elizabeth Perkins 4. John Heard 5. Robert Loggia
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    Rate and Review : Homer vs. the Eighteenth Amendment

    One of the top three or four of season eight. Excellent historical commentary showing what a disaster Prohibition was. Great ending too. 5/5
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    Breaking Bad

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    Official Season 15 DVD & Blu-Ray

    The best commentary so far (and I've listened to more than half of them) has got to be The Regina Monologues. They actually go into quite a lot of detail about the making of the show. The majority of virtually every commentary (like on the past couple of box sets) consists of a discussion that...
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    The "gays can't procreate so they shouldn't be allowed to marry each other" argument is strange because the people who buy into it have no problem with infertile heterosexuals being married.
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    Breaking Bad

    Before I started watching BB, I thought no drama show could top The Sopranos in terms of intensity and superb acting. This certainly at least matches it. Although The Sopranos was (imo) at it's best in the first couple of seasons. It went slightly downhill during three and four, but five was...