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  1. LukeMM95

    Your spectacles

    What glasses do you wear? I wear a pair of black, thick rimmed, rectangular glasses for my near sightedness. I usually wear them while driving, watching TV or when I'm in class.
  2. LukeMM95

    Mission: Impossible 5 (and general MI series discussion)!

    That's right baby, everyone's favourite Scientologist is back to kick some ass in Mission: Impossible Rogue Nation. Check it out: Feel free to discuss. I'm just hoping the film will be as enjoyable as Ghost Protocol.
  3. LukeMM95

    Family Guy vs. American Dad!

    Okay let's settle this once and for all. Which is your preferred Seth MacFarlane show and why? I would have included "The Cleveland Show" but I knew no one would pick it. I'm going with the show that has the least MacFarlane involvement, so I'm going with "American Dad!". This show has always...
  4. LukeMM95

    Favourite movies/tv shows to watch around Christmas

    They don't have to be traditional Christmas related material, it can be whatever you like. Here are my lists: Movies: - Die Hard 1 & 2 - Lethal Weapon - Home Alone 1 & 2 - On Her Majesty's Secret Service - The Long Kiss Goodnight - Batman Returns - Kiss Kiss Bang Bang TV shows: - The Simpsons...
  5. LukeMM95

    Which half of the classic era is better?

    The first half being seasons 1-4 and the second half being seasons 5-8. Personally, I think the first half has more charm due to it's more down-to-earth feel, whereas the second half is wackier but arguably funnier. But if you could only have one half, which would it be? Also for the sake of...
  6. LukeMM95

    Call of Duty: Café Brawl

    This is hilarious. Apparently some guy in Thailand was playing Call of Duty in a cyber café and was pissing people off online. Not only was he camping but he was also spouting a lot of trash talk. Eventually, one gamer just couldn't take it anymore and when the camper revealed his location, he...
  7. LukeMM95

    If Homer had chosen Mindy, would they have made a good couple?

    Something I always wonder whenever I rewatch "The Last Temptation of Homer" is what Homer's life would be like if he had chosen Mindy over Marge. Of course we get that silly fantasy scene where we see them living in a mansion and playing tennis but that's probably the last thing that would ever...
  8. LukeMM95

    Which season had the best animation?

    I think Season 6 had the best animation as it looked high quality while at the same time wasn't afraid to go occasionally off model to add to the visual humour. Season 7 and 8's animation was also great but they seemed to take less risks when it came to the characters' movements and general art...
  9. LukeMM95

    Do Katy Perry and Zooey Deschanel look alike?

    I keep hearing these two look very much alike but they look completely different to me: Edit: Personally I've always found Deschanel to be quite attractive, whereas there seems to be something off about Perry. Her face just looks kind of goofy and her hair looks like a bad wig. And yet I'm...
  10. LukeMM95

    What movies do you like to watch or plan on watching around Halloween...

    With Halloween coming up, I've been getting back into checking out horror movies. I'm not really a big fan of the genre but I like to check how some scary movies anyway to get into the Halloween spirit. Anyway, since I'm pretty green when it comes to the genre, I've been mostly checking out old...
  11. LukeMM95

    What's your favourite film genre?

    So it was my first day back at Uni today and at one point during my lecture we were asked, "What's your favourite film genre and then name a good and bad example of the genre?". I took the easy route and simply answered: Favourite Genre: Action Good Action film: Die Hard - It's an exciting...
  12. LukeMM95

    Too Hot or Too Cold?

    Which would you rather be? Me, I'd rather be too cold. Being too cold is an ordeal but I can manage it. Being too hot on the other hand, can feel like torture.
  13. LukeMM95

    Girly-Girls vs Tomboys

    Which is better and/or which do you prefer? Edit: Guys, I'm aware that a girl's personality is what truly matters. This thread is just a bit of fun, which is why I didn't give an option for "both" or "either" or "it's what's on the inside that matters" in the poll.
  14. LukeMM95

    Do you like your voice?

    Recently I've been recording myself for a video review I plan on making. But it's not going all that great. I mumble a lot and I often slur my words. It just sounds kind of awkward right now but who knows, maybe it will sound better as I go on. I also feel this way whenever I watch myself in a...
  15. LukeMM95

    Smoking - Cool or Not Cool?

    I don't want to hear any lectures about the "dangers of smoking" or sad stories about smoking victims. Do you think it's cool, yes or no? Edit: Just to be clear, I'm not a smoker. I've only taken one drag of a cigarette in my life and it was when I was drunk. Still I think smoking can look...
  16. LukeMM95

    Smoking - Cool or Not Cool?

    I don't want to hear any lectures about the "dangers of smoking" or sad stories about smoking victims. Do you think it's cool, yes or no?
  17. LukeMM95

    Do you like Hawaiian Pizza?

    A.K.A. Ham and Pinapple Pizza. It seems to be a very unpopular pizza topping. Many people hate it. I personally enjoy it quite a bit but I can understand why some may dislike it. So what about you guys?
  18. LukeMM95

    Elevator Music?

    Maybe it's just because I haven't been in any fancy hotels but I've never in all my life heard music in an elevator. What about you guys?
  19. LukeMM95

    Why do people wear their shoes when indoors?

    By "indoors" I'm referring to one's home.
  20. LukeMM95

    The Pretty Guardian of Love and Justice is back BITCHES!!!

    My only experience with Sailor Moon is the first three seasons of the original anime but I just couldn't finish it after Chibiusa took over the show. The show was never perfect and quite repetitive to be honest. Still I quite enjoyed the first season, a good chunk of Sailor Moon R and the first...