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  1. Robotics

    Disney's Big Hero 6

    I don't see a thread on Big Hero 6 yet, but it premieres November 7th in North America so there ought to be a thread about it. Probably my most anticipated animated film of this year as it is Walt Disney Animation Studios' first movie from Marvel property (even know it's a lot more different...
  2. Robotics


    Now I feel that whenever this word is mentioned, or any similar words, it carries an extremely negative vibe to it. This is a relevant example I found just now, that kinda illustrates the idea: Another example would be someone claiming that "mainstream" music are bad, just to put themselves...
  3. Robotics

    The uncanny valley

    I dislike how many CGI animated films now veer towards the aspect of being ultra-realistic, and it ends up being uncomfortable as hell to watch. This is the uncanny valley... ugh... What are your thoughts on this? And what if animation becomes so advanced that live-action and animation...
  4. Robotics

    Your expectations now VS your expectations as a kid

    Looking back at when you were way younger, how has your expectations of yourself changed over time? Do you have higher expectations of yourself now or do you now have lower expectations of yourself? Mine: •I used to say that I will become a famous scientist when I was around seven-ish. But I...
  5. Robotics

    public speaking and presentations

    what do you think of them?
  6. Robotics

    What if The Simpsons started using hashtags in dialogues?

    The writers are so obsessed with being up-to-date, why haven't they started using hashtags? or am i giving them too many ideas.
  7. Robotics

    2014: Animated films you look forward to

    Some trailers have been out since last year's summer, some later, and some have not come out yet. Of the trailers or info you've seen so far, which animated films do you look forward to see this year?
  8. Robotics

    Best part about a cartoon show

    Well, this isn't about any specific cartoon show. It's more aimed towards your perspective of cartoons as you grow up. I'm sure we all had quite imaginative childhoods watching cartoons, role-playing characters, and other zany things. Now as we all grew older-- at least for the many of us-- I...
  9. Robotics

    Procrastinating-- What are you supposed to be doing?!

    I think most of us have been through times of idle and wasting time, even though you knew that you had to get work done! So, share some terrible experiences of procrastinating! Or moreover; are you procrastinating over work right now? ;) I know I am. I have physics finals coming tomorrow and...
  10. Robotics

    The Simpsons-- intriguing quotations

    When talking about quotations, there are thousands of different ones to choose from. Out of the huge variety, some are more intriguing to the mind. Some are more philosophical, or may hold concealed ideas. From your years of watching the show, which quotations intrigue you a lot? Which quotes...
  11. Robotics

    The importance of Itchy & Scratchy show?

    I was looking through the Season 24 information thread when a topic came up that there hasn't been an Itchy & Scratchy cartoon for a while. And it also appears that many fans seem to regard this "cartoon in a cartoon" as something of importance. So, what role does the Itchy & Scratchy show play...
  12. Robotics

    Canadian Politics [Singh v Trudeau v Scheer 2019]

    Just thought this was a bit different... Fun stuff up in the north... Jokes aside, you can keep serious discussions in this thread as well.
  13. Robotics

    ms paint: the thread

    The MS Paint doodling thread! Just post doodles and drawings of things you drew on microsoft paint! It can be quick drawing or one you spent a little more time on. I don't know if this has been done before but I'll start. Here's Homer with an underbite instead of an overbite:
  14. Robotics

    Do you admire certain traits that Simpsons characters have?

    It's basically what the title says. Most of us have been viewers for years, since the beginning, or maybe some are newer. Since we've been with these characters for a long time, what kind of traits do you like from certain characters? Which are more relate-able? Which traits might you want? :D
  15. Robotics

    Controversial brainstorming

    This is tough for me, and I'm sure, many of you people. But basically, we're brainstorming the following things; -Two reasons/criticisms of why you dislike Classic Simpsons -One reason why you like Modern Simpsons Lets see what NHC comes up with! (While the rest of you post, I'll try to think...