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  1. lovedartsandsimpsons

    Most forgettable episode from the classic era?

    I'm defining "classic era" as the first eight seasons (although some will disagree I'm sure). I'd say either "Dancin' Homer" or one of the clip shows that wasn't "The Simpsons 138th Episode Spectacular".
  2. lovedartsandsimpsons

    IMDb ratings of Simpsons episodes

    Anyone noticed that they tend to be....errrr....absurd? Here's an example: Kill the Alligator and Run gets a 6.7/10 Cape Feare gets a 9.0/10 So according to IMDb users, Cape Feare isn't a world away from Kill the Alligator and Run in terms of greatness. I know the users of IMDb are a more...
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    Homer casts his vote

  4. lovedartsandsimpsons

    The guy who kissed more boys than Lisa ever will is dead

    AKA Gore Vidal. AKA 'Grown-up nerd'. RIP. Trivia question: Which episode am I referring to?
  5. lovedartsandsimpsons

    A spin-off series starring extremely minor characters

    Think up a spin-off series of The Simpsons starring extremely minor characters. By "extremely minor", I'm not even talking one episode characters. I'm talking perhaps a scene or two characters. A good example would be the older Bort from "Itchy and Scratchy Land". :p Now, describe your series...
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    You know what The Simpsons reminds me of?

    It reminds me of the soap operas here in the UK. They are considered to be somewhat of an influence on their nation's culture, most of them have been running for a long time, and a fairly high number of people still watch them. But even quite a lot of those who still watch them say that they are...
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    A letter to Al Jean, three words at a time

    Dear Al Jean,
  8. lovedartsandsimpsons

    Question for non-Americans

    What American terms have you learned from The Simpsons? For example, I learned Americans use the term "parking lot", whereas us Brits use the term "car park".
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    Homer supports Buddy Roemer for President
  10. lovedartsandsimpsons

    Steve Jobs has died RIP.
  11. lovedartsandsimpsons

    Grampa's stories

    On numerous occasions, Grampa has told or attempted to tell stories about events during his life. Usually, he is interrupted before he finishes or there is a cut away to another scene. My question is: Would you listen to his stories for, let's say, a whole afternoon, if you were given the...
  12. lovedartsandsimpsons

    What would your ideal Simpsons game be?

    I'd like to see an updated Virtual Spingfield (i.e. with better graphics, more characters and locations, etc) with missions based on certain episodes (for example, in Marge Be Not Proud, you play as Bart, and you have to keep Marge from finding out about the attempted theft).
  13. lovedartsandsimpsons

    What if Conan had become the showrunner at the start of season five?

    Let's say he didn't get the Late Night job, and instead was chosen as the new showrunner of The Simpsons after Jean and Reiss left. How different would the show have been?
  14. lovedartsandsimpsons

    Lines and references that very few people get

    Gil - "Who wants some eggs a la Harold Stassen? They are always running!". The whole Rory Calhoun thing in Two Dozen and One Greyhounds (as was pointed out on the DVD commentary track). Anyone got some more good examples?
  15. lovedartsandsimpsons

    Things that get repeated on the DVD commentary tracks

    Over the course of the series of The Simpsons DVD boxsets so far, quite a few tales and anecdotes have been repeated by the commentators. A few examples: David Mirkin saying what a great movie The Graduate is. Matt Groening explaining that Krusty was originally supposed to be Homer in clown...
  16. lovedartsandsimpsons

    The Simpsons characters that make up your personality

    I'm a blend of Lisa and Comic Book Guy mainly, with some Homer and Bart mixed in there too.
  17. lovedartsandsimpsons

    What's the most forgettable episode?

    Probably one from the Jean era, although I can't pinpoint one episode to be the most forgettable.
  18. lovedartsandsimpsons

    Grade the showrunners

    S1/S2 - Matt Groening, James L. Brooks and Sam Simon - A- S3/S4 - Al Jean and Mike Reiss - A S5/S6 - David Mirkin - A+ S7/S8 - Bill Oakley and Josh Weinstein - A S9/S10/S11/S12 - Mike Scully - C+ S13 - Present - Al Jean - C+
  19. lovedartsandsimpsons

    Did David Mirkin start the show's decline?

    I'm going to use an economic theory (which I don't agree with, but still) to make this argument. Many free-market capitalists believe that Keynesian economic policies (when the government increases spending to try and stimulate the economy) may help the economy in the short-term, but in the...