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  1. tyler

    its the twentieth anniversary of 9/11

    that's right. our national tragedy is almost old enough to drink. discuss all matters of this most infamous and least romantic of holidays below.
  2. tyler

    post itt when yr gay

    only when yr gay tho
  3. tyler

    What If I Reviewed Literally Every Simpsons Episode LMAO

    Howdy simps, I hope I'm using that word right. I'm starting a Evidentally Perpetually Ongoing series of short but hopefully dense and detailed and a Tad political reviews of Every single Simpsons episode, posted at whatever regularity is comfortable and hopefully finished within the time before...
  4. tyler

    Tyler Posts His Top Albums of 2020 List, And So Can You!

    order is more tier based but top five is stone solid. probably missed alot, music is literally endless. post yr own, as long or short as you like, love to read lists 75. the reticent - the oubliette 74. yung lean - starz 73. dougie poole - freelancer's blues 72. diet cig - do you wonder about...
  5. tyler

    favorite album closers

    when the big finish lives up to its expectation, there's little else like it. there's a certain bliss or transcendence to a closing track that knows its job, that knows what album its on and how to cap it in a way that seals it with a beautiful bow. i'm gonna periodically post my favorites in...
  6. tyler

    fuck english muffins

  7. tyler

    Burning Down the Treehouse: Some Idiot Reviews Ninety THOH Segments in Thirty Days

    *clears throat* Hello everyone! It's that time of year again, to bring out your scariest movies, your tastiest candy and your most smashing pumpkin, and I thought this Halloween I'd finally commit to a massive project I'd been wanting to do for quite awhile, so if you're a bonafide yellow belly...
  8. tyler

    2:30am angroy night in the woods gamergate 2.0 great art deserves not these swine blah thread

    fuck it im making this a thread whose gonna stop me. so i hadnt really thought about all this alec/nitw business for a bit but tonight i read people talking about alec holowka and zoe quinn because im stupid apparently and now im filled with a white hot rage that would make the tragedy in...
  9. tyler

    seasons 9-30 are not part of the classic era

    someone had to say it!!
  10. tyler

    sam look at this thread

  11. tyler


    i hope your house burns down with you inside of it TONIGHT fucker
  12. tyler

    just swallowed a bug

    ack! post in this thread about the times you've swallowed bugs, or when new bug swallowing events come around to disrupt the delicate balance of your existence.
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    i just...i need to know. this question has been gnawing away at my soul.
  14. tyler

    does anyone wear watches anymore

    does anyone wear watches anymore
  15. tyler

    dudes foose thinks are hella cute

    because heteronormativity is soooo last decade. anytime i spot a boi toi that i Must have i will post them here. i encourage all other str8s to open up their sexy sexy closet and spill their cuties too. this thread was inspired by: first of all yes, i watch buzzfeed videos. im a normie, come...
  16. tyler

    what is your non-traditional dream pet?

    cast aside the domesticated classics we know and love, if you could somehow magically tame any creature to unconditionally love you and perhaps devour your enemies, what would you choose? i have two in mind, here's my first: the motherfuckinnnnn pangolin! look at it. LOOK at it. it is so...
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    that's me. i'm kaos.