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  1. Ryan

    oscar pool 2022

    Hey it’s back yay You got til March 27th to lock in picks, can edit your list freely until then. May the best soothsayer win BEST PICTURE Belfast CODA Don’t Look Up Drive My Car Dune King Richard Licorice Pizza Nightmare Alley The Power of the Dog West Side Story BEST DIRECTOR Paul...
  2. Ryan

    Dean Norris-Jones

    come out and play
  3. Ryan

    thread thread

    discuss thread
  4. Ryan

    do you have virus

    do you have the virus
  5. Ryan

    oscars pool 2020

    oh boy I'm BACK for the oscar pool folks the dum academy awards that promises to be another infuriating racist and sexist ceremony full of trump slams but we gonna vote on it! it airs february 9th, so you need to have your votes in by air time that day. you can change your choices on your...
  6. Ryan


  7. Ryan

    Simpsons renewed for seasons 31 and 32 "“The Simpsons” has been picked up for a 31st and 32nd season at Fox, the network announced Wednesday at the Television Critics Association winter press tour. News of the renewal comes just two weeks after...
  8. Ryan

    Oscar Pool 2019

    Time for the fucking Oscars pool! It's an easy deal: I post the list, you pick out who you think will win the sweet sweet trophies. At the end, I'll throw a tiebreaker question for y'all, it'll be numerical so give it the good ol shot in the damn dark. Best Picture: “Black Panther”...
  9. Ryan

    2019 predictions

    you got less than a day so make it quick my predictions: -still no xenforo -i might listen to die lit -star wars ep 9 is pre good -marlon bundo gets a new book -maybe I'll find love... tho I don't know what kind of love that may be. could be a sandwich idk
  10. Ryan

    september is fucking dead

    good riddance time to r&r
  11. Ryan

    please never change the header back

    don't care if you're a simpson loonie cryin jordan 4 lyfe
  12. Ryan

    I have a headache

    cure me
  13. Ryan

    Oscar Pool 2018

    Well this is short notice but the Academy Awards is this Sunday (head to Sammy's thread for discussion) but there's enough time left to do a pool and put our predicting skills to the test. Pretty simple: I'll list the Oscar noms here, you just pick which one you think will win. At the end there...
  14. Ryan

    OSS is a fucking hypocrite

  15. Ryan

    Dobbie sucks

    Dobbie is a stupid moron with an ugly face and a big butt and his butt smells and he likes to kiss his own butt
  16. Ryan

    Ryan's 26K Post Extravaganza

    Well guys, I did it, I logged 26,000 posts on a now dead message board. I owe it all to myself for writing these posts and the help of Caesars Entertainment for firing me and helping me get over that edge by the year 2018. In celebration I would like to do absolutely nothing and I will not post...
  17. Ryan

    Are florists sub human?

    IMO, yes. You donate your entire life to taking care of and selling plants? Pretty lame way to live your life imo. Have you ever been to a nursery? Most boring goddamn place on Earth, I can't imagine working at one, or even owning one.
  18. Ryan

    Bob's Burgers is getting a theatrical movie this is honestly mind-blowing. I have no idea how this will work or even if it'll be financially successful but goddamn I'm onboard
  19. Ryan

    would you ever pick up a hitchhiker

    like, no. fuck no. never. i rarely see them but i would never pick them up. but would you feel guilty if you ever find yourself in that situation? but why would that ever happen in our technological day and age
  20. Ryan

    isle of dogs

    dt__kig8PVU absolutely adore fantastic mr. fox so I'm insanely excited for this. wes anderson is slaying it here