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  1. Patches O'houlihan

    R.I.P. Little Richard "Little Richard, a founding father of rock and roll whose ferven shrieks, flamboyant garb, and joyful, gender-bending persona embodied the spirit and sound of that new art form, died Saturday. He was 87. The...
  2. Patches O'houlihan

    Bill Oakley on "Marge in Chains" / Coronavirus fan-edit
  3. Patches O'houlihan

    Physical Media: Not long for this world?

    It seems like yesterday I was clamoring for a winner in the Blu ray / HD DVD war and now, 11 years later, nearly 75% of movies are rented or purchased through streaming services. Even the next X Box is rumored to have a discless console...So, which begs the question, do you think Movie and Game...
  4. Patches O'houlihan

    Health Issue?

    I don't know if anyone has ever experienced this, but today at work I had a strange medical issue come up. Around 4 this afternoon I was entering the backroom at work when I felt like I just inhaled a cloud of smoke from a large fire. Except, there wasn't any open chemicals or anything that...
  5. Patches O'houlihan

    RIP: R. Lee Ermey

    OBITUARIES APRIL 15, 2018 4:22PM PT R. Lee Ermey, ‘Full Metal Jacket’ Golden Globe Nominee, Dies at 74 By Erin Nyren @ecnyren R. Lee Ermey, best known for his Golden Globe-nominated portrayal of Gunnery Sergeant Hartman in “Full Metal Jacket,” has died. He was 74. Ermey’s longtime...
  6. Patches O'houlihan

    R.I.P: Stephen Hawking

    One of the intellectual greats has left us at 76:
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    What if the Simpsons (and Fox TV/Movies) is sold to Disney?

    There is talk of FOX selling its movie and TV branches to Disney, which would probably cause the Simpsons to become property of the Mouse House. If this does somehow come to pass, do you think: --the show will still will have the same creative freedom like nothing has changed? --Disney will...
  8. Patches O'houlihan

    RIP George Romero

    He was 77. Night of the Living Dead was one of the first movies of scared the shit out of me.
  9. Patches O'houlihan

    While the car was in the shop...

    ...i drew this today:
  10. Patches O'houlihan

    RIP: Powers Boothe

    I just watched Sin City earlier in the week and that's when I realized Powers was also the guy in the "shadows" in The Avengers. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------...
  11. Patches O'houlihan

    RIP Charlie Murphy

    He passed away from Lukemia. He was 57.
  12. Patches O'houlihan

    Harry Shearer's $125 million dollar lawsuit.
  13. Patches O'houlihan

    RIP. Michu Meszaros (Alf)

    ttp:// 'ALF' StarDead at 76 6/13/2016 9:19 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF Michu Meszaros, the circus star who played "ALF" for four seasons, has passed ... his longtime manager, Dennis Varga, confirmed to TMZ. He'd been rushed to an L.A. hospital over a...
  14. Patches O'houlihan

    RIP The Beehive Hairdo Creator. -------------------------------------------------------------- Chicago News 06/13/2016, 08:08am Margaret Vinci Heldt, creator of lofty beehive hairdo, dead at 98 Maureen O'Donnell...
  15. Patches O'houlihan

    RIP. Makiko Futaki, Akira and Studi Ghibli Animator. Makiko Futaki, 'Akira' and Studio Ghibli Animator, Dies at 57. The prolific animator worked on nearly every major Studio Ghibli animation, including the hit factory's final feature, 'When Marnie Was There'...
  16. Patches O'houlihan

    Important. Please Read.

    As many of you are aware for the past few years, it was discovered I was drawing some rather disturbing Simpsons porn a while back. No, I'm not denying I did it, but I haven't drawn any for nearly 3 years and I'm done drawing any Simpsons / Futurama fan art. However, what I should've said in...
  17. Patches O'houlihan

    New (?) Simpsons political short.

  18. Patches O'houlihan

    Another "Life imitates the Simpsons" Thread.

    In Boy Scoutz n the Hood, Krusty opened a business in an abandoned oil rig in the middle of the ocean, well take a look at this place: WE31soltwVU
  19. Patches O'houlihan

    RIP: Animal

    Too soon? Click here.