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  1. Patches O'houlihan

    DVD and/or Blu-Ray releases of seasons 21 and onward

    IMO, the only releases on Disc in the future will be a limited run boxed set (10,000, or less) of the entire series and a the next movie, but with Disney+, the odds of any more Season Boxed sets are slim, to none.
  2. Patches O'houlihan

    The Simpsons Sing the Blues

    is that in Minneapolis?
  3. Patches O'houlihan

    R&R Homer's Enemy

    After such a long time with not liking this episode, I’ve come to like it for one aspect—I’ve been in enough occupations where I’ve seen the people who try to do their best get screwed over while lazy asses like Homer get a free pass. I’d give it a 2.5/5, nowadays.
  4. Patches O'houlihan

    Chalkboard, Billboard, and Couch Gag Thread!

    I do not identify as homework exempt
  5. Patches O'houlihan

    When did you notice the show was declining?

    For me, it was “ when you dish upon a star“.
  6. Patches O'houlihan

    Scully vs. Early jean (s. 13-16)?

    I would say the better episodes of the Scully era are better than the early Jean ones, but the worse Scully episodes are worse than Jean’s worst.
  7. Patches O'houlihan

    Rate & Review: "Treehouse of Horror XXXI" (ZABF17)

    I’d give this a solid 4/5. The only stinker was Homer-verse, and that was a 2.5/5 at the worst. The CGI Toy Gory was better than I expected.
  8. Patches O'houlihan

    Ask Simpsons Questions Here (Jokes We Don't Get, Which Episode, etc.)

    I forgot…what episode had the cheesy CGI video of the Chinese tourists, and their Panda, visiting Springfield?
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    Create shitty Simpsons episodes here - Part 2

    Crash Test Mommy Marge tries to convince Springfield people with longer hair can survive car crashes compared to their bald friends; Duffman becomes a MMA champ, accidentally. One Crash Landed under the Springfield Gate Bridge Homer decides living under a bridge is strangely relaxing, despite...
  11. Patches O'houlihan

    Create shitty Simpsons episodes here - Part 2

    “Twerking Class Hero” Anxious for the good all days of 2016, homer decides to make a Mik Mok video of himself shaking his butt in front of a mirror.Unfortunately it becomes really, really famous and all the wives just want their husbands to just sit down.
  12. Patches O'houlihan

    What if Marge fell down the Springfield Gorge instead of Homer?

    She would land on her hair and be relatively unscathed.
  13. Patches O'houlihan

    Would you like to see the classic episodes remastered with HD animation?

    Maybe finding all the original cells and rescan and composite them at a higher resolution, perhaps?
  14. Patches O'houlihan

    What beer do you think tastes most like Duff?

    Probably the Duff that was a knockoff in other countries.