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  1. Ryan

    What is your favorite game TV show?

    Used to love Press Your Luck, but in terms of really loving it I’d say Millionaire.
  2. Ryan

    Simpsons Movie 2

    They did? Don’t recall that.
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  4. Ryan

    Simpsons: For Kids or Adults?

    Where’s Jake to show all the Simpsons nude
  5. Ryan

    NHC Top 100 episode submissions 2022

    50. Life on the Fast Lane 49. Raging Abe Simpson and His Grumbling Grandson in “The Curse of the Flying Hellfish” 48. Homer’s Triple Bypass 47. Dead Putting Society 46. Bart's Friend Falls in Love 45. The 138th Episode Spectacular 44. Who Shot Mr. Burns Part Two 43. Two Bad Neighbors 42. Girly...
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    im not

    im not
  7. Ryan

    oscar pool 2022

    Hey it’s back yay You got til March 27th to lock in picks, can edit your list freely until then. May the best soothsayer win BEST PICTURE Belfast CODA Don’t Look Up Drive My Car Dune King Richard Licorice Pizza Nightmare Alley The Power of the Dog West Side Story BEST DIRECTOR Paul...
  8. Ryan

    Is lisa goes gaga a good episode

    It’s good.
  9. Ryan

    Rate & Review: "A Serious Flanders" (QABF21 & QABF22)

    God I can't believe I'm doing an R&R. Seen Fargo the film but not the show, but I imagine that they're basing this mostly on the show's first season from, christ, 2014?! Whatever, this succeeds because they went more for tone rather than struggling to fit a joke in every second, which often...
  10. Ryan

    The Ghost and Molly McGee

    This show is seriously insanely adorable. Dana Snyder makes it, and Rob Cantor's songs are undeniably catchy. Animation and expressions are wonderful, especially Molly's in the recent "All Systems No" episode. Really like the character of Libby being a socially awkward outcast who's okay with...
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    I'm not surprised, tbh. People are antsy after so much plot movement in S2 that they're a little shaken up by the fact that the show is, surprise, surprise, spending some time having fun on Earth. Granted, it is a little... weird that Anne seems to be more fine with all the trauma she went...
  12. Ryan

    The Owl House

    Super late on this discussion (twas on vacation), but it really does stink that Disney Channel is moving in such a different direction and Dana didn't even have a chance of say, looking to D+ to pick up the show if everything is heading in another direction. I really hope all the support...
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    A Goofy Movie

    I like the apparent fact that Kevin Lima said that this was a passion project for Jeffrey Katzenberg so Eisner kinda hated it, which is why it didn't get much promotion and a shitty March release date. Kinda ironically helped it be more of an underdog movie. Also being split between so many...
  15. Ryan

    The Ghost and Molly McGee

    It's happened for almost all Disney Channel shows.
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  17. Ryan

    The Ghost and Molly McGee

    Seems like they really want this to be a new Phineas and Ferb.
  18. Ryan

    say the N word itt

  19. Ryan

    The Lounge: Now As Active As The UK Lounge

    IIRC, this girl and I actually briefly dated lmao. (I did not send this message)