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    Weekend Wonders #2: the perceptions of marge are formed thru how american society views women

    Gonna go with a more stream of consciousness approach here but if you’ve spent enough time in this section of the site you’ll see a current take on Marge that concludes she is a “shrew” or a “bitch” and that is a real sad take on one of if not the densest characters the show has produced. It’s a...
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    Weekend Wonders #1: can fans separate the mythos of O&W in their analysis of their work?

    Off the top I’m going to say I love season 7 and while I don’t love season 8 I respect the way O&W crafted their own brand of Simpsons thru experimentation and world building. I do find the latter ability a tad overblown because earlier seasons built the world of Springfield in a less in your...
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    Season 6 isn’t part of the classic era

    Can we all agree on this yet?
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    How ardent is your support of Israel?

    Steven Universe fans need not reply
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    Any other Steven Universe fans?

    Cuz I probably fuckin hate you You know what happened. My love for this show and my obsession with Pink Pearl both lead to my downfall on Reddit. Plus most of the cyberbullies are SUtards. Let me explain what an SUtard is. SUtards claim that they are the true fans of Steven Universe, but in...
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    Would you eat this bag of dog food for a second Simpsons movie?

    Don't try to be a comedian(you ain't funny) just answer the question
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    NHC Fantasy Football League

    Yoooo I know this place ain't that active but I figure I'd toss it out there if anyone would be into forming a fantasy football league? I already run 2 leagues so I can commish. Post itt if you're down my clowns Would need at least 10 for it to be worth it imo.
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    At what age can u tell yer parents to fuck off when they wanna take you out for ice cream?

    Since we all need our fill of egg content since the discord is down
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    Post ITT when you feelin old

    All I wanna do is listen to Bob Dylan
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    What's the largest meal you've ever eaten solo?

    no judgments or nothin. just let the people know about how you've gorged yourself while a majority of the world starves according to Egg's stats.
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    It's one year until no nut '19

    Anthem for 2018. sqkGpHsf59c
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    NHC's Top 100 Albums 2017 Edition

    Yoooooo it's time for the 2017 edition of our TOP 100 ALBUMS list. Submit your lists of 50 over the next two weeks which means that means the deadline is AUGUST 11th!! If an extension is needed it may be granted. Like usual 50 points for your fav and 1 for the lowest on your list. You don't...
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    Any interest in a top 100 Albums list?

    Been nearly 2 years since our last one. Music is the media that is the easiest to consume large amounts of so i figure our lists would be a little different this time around. I'd be down to run the list if there was a decent enough want for such a thing. Let me know itt .
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    Norm Macdonald: Career Discussion(No Posting Moth Joke)

    He is a man heralded by many(maybe not many but some) as the greatest stand up comic of our time. But he is often forgotten and misunderstood particularity by this new fanbase of his that seems to view him as a bastion of free speech dude when he's just telling jokes to all make us feel good...
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    John Ford

    I know most of the movie people on this board(what remains of us) love this guy and I just watched Fort Apache(best movie!) so I figured I'd make a thread for him. It took me until I was about 23 to really get what is so good about John Ford and even then it wasn't until last year that I would...
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    I bet Squeaky Voiced Teen 40 bux no one would blog this post. Prove u like me more than him. Blog this fuckin post
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    ****Spot reserved for my banging list**** ScHoolboy Q- Man Of The Year Try not to post too many youtube links (maybe like 2 a post). Get rowdy U GOT ONE LAST PARTY. SKKKKRRRRTTTT SKKKKRRRRTTTTT
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    Post Great Covers of Green Day's "When I Come Around"

    We all know that When I Come Around is arguably the greatest rock song ever written (no disputing this folks) so of course it's gonna be hit for youtube stars everywhere. Post em itt 5_GXWHF_UCE khbdeiB_sM0 z8Ll8F_bGs4
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    Sunday arguably the calmest of the days. Post some tunes that just got dat sunday feel. <iframe src="" width="640" height="360" frameborder="0" webkitallowfullscreen mozallowfullscreen allowfullscreen></iframe> <p><a...
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    Finally Giving Brits Their Due