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  1. Crabtree

    Lisa the Simpson vs. Secret War of Lisa Simpson

    I'm no great fan of Secret War, but it doesn't piss me off like Lisa the Simpson does. The argument that it's a meta-commentary about the show's decline just doesn't wash when there's no self-referential gestures in the episode itself to indicate that (unlike the continuity nods in Homer's...
  2. Crabtree

    Rate and Review: Saddlesore Galactica (BABF09)

    I've been marathoning a bunch of Scully/early Jean episodes lately, some of which I'd already seen, some I hadn't. This is an episode I was already quite familiar with through its reputation, and had vaguely recalled catching in bits and pieces on TV one day, but had never actually sat through...
  3. Crabtree

    What's the funniest thing Bart has said in a Cockney accent?

    One of my favourite running gags from the classic years was whenever Bart would randomly slip into a Cockney accent. Just an inspired, surreal bit of business that showed off the bizarre side of Bart's personality. My personal favourite instance of this is probably "You mean it ain't me noggin...
  4. Crabtree

    Lisa the Vegetarian vs Lisa the Iconoclast

    Both are season 7 episodes about Lisa's activism for an unpopular cause (vegetarianism in one episode; raising awareness of Jebediah Springfield being a fraud in the other) alienating her from friends and family. Her relationship with Homer is central to both episodes, as is the theme of...
  5. Crabtree

    Whacking Day vs Lisa the Iconoclast

    Lisa the Vegetarian vs Lisa the Iconoclast might be a more interesting, tonally fitting matchup.
  6. Crabtree

    The Absences of Homer Simpson's Socks Apperances on some episodes

    What are these, some kind of magic socks? Boy, I sure hope somebody got fired for that blunder.
  7. Crabtree

    Worst titles for Simpsons episodes

    Seconding Rome-old & Julie-eh (ugh) and How I Wet Your Mother (yuck). There Will Be Buds, Mona Leaves-a, and Saddlesore Galactica are all terrible puns as well.
  8. Crabtree

    Really good episodes with awful jokes

    I've always hated the nonsensical "Springfield/Seinfeld" joke in the otherwise fine A Star Is Burns.
  9. Crabtree

    What do you think is the most discussed episode of the show?

    Bart the Daredevil, maybe, if only for the ending.